BT Plc Works With Indian Institute Science To Build A New Research Centre

Anita - Dec 15, 2018

BT Plc Works With Indian Institute Science To Build A New Research Centre

British Telecom Group in coordination with the Indian Institute Science plans to set up a new research centre in cyber-security, AI, and mobility.


On December 12, British Telecom Group (BT Group), the telecom giant in the world, announced it was planning to build a center for research in India named the British Telecom Indian Research Centre in coordination with the Indian Institute Science (IISc).

British Telecom

The BT Group

Representatives of BT Group said that the center is expected to concentrate on artificial intelligence (AI), information technology security, and the ability to grow freely to assist the programmes of the company.

The center will run under the model with the standard for the locations of a global research center in Britain including government, industry, and academic partnerships.

According to Howard Watson, Chief Information Technology Office of BT Group, India is a powerful country of technology and IT. Currently, India has 10,300 people working in service, support, and technology sectors to assist its clients worldwide. With this number, India ranks second in the world only following Britain in technology and IT.

In addition, he added that this new center will be a part of research facilities in the network of BT Group in the U.S, Northern Ireland, the UAE, and China.

The network of the company worldwide contributes to the key research goals, which helps accelerate deep understanding for its customers of new technologies, the development of its products as well as services.

It is known that the BT Labs, which is located at Adastral Park, Suffolk, is now a place for the global network of innovation.

This partnership in building a new research center will connect the technologies of India and Britain, which is the key factor to the growth of an economy.

562356 Indian Institute Of Science Bangalore

Indian Institute of Science

Anurag Kumar, Director of IISc, believed that it is necessary to collaborate the industry with the academia to develop new telecom technologies.

In addition, in the National Capital Region (NCR), a center of the company for new information technology security was launched in July in the city of Haryana, Garugram.

It aims to watch and check the risks threatening the safety of a company’s assets and the networks of customers for timely detection, analyses, and reduction of risks' harms.

In addition, the center in Bengaluru will assist on the partnership between BT Group and the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in Delhi. Two parties are working on the technologies of Flexible Grid optical networks and a secure communication method that implements a cryptographic protocol relating to components of quantum mechanics, namely quantum key distribution.

Being a pioneer in providing solutions and services of communications, BT Group's network is spreading across 180 countries around the world.

With 109 years of operation in advanced education and study in sciences and engineering, this company concentrates on global researchers and solutions which are very important and fundamental.

Furthermore, with the structure of 42 departments, 500 faculties, and 4,200 students, this business also works with the industry to find out solutions to issues of both sides.


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