Choosing between a shared and a dedicated server for gaming

HuongDTM - Mar 29, 2022

Choosing between a shared and a dedicated server for gaming

Although both complete the same function, their levels of the performance vary.

Multiplayer online games require a server to host the action and keep everyone in play. The two most popular options are the shared server and the dedicated server. Although both complete the same function, their levels of the performance vary. Essentially, this is because a dedicated server works for a single player, while a shared server, as the name suggests, works for many players.

shared server and the dedicated server
a shared server and the dedicated server

Shared servers are a good starting point

Most gamers usually start their journey into online gaming on a shared server. That involves one person hosting the event and several clients coming along for the ride. In most cases, the host is the player who started a game, then invited other people to join. Their console or PC shoulders the work as the game progresses. Functioning as a shared server, it sends and receives data from other players and keeps the game flowing.

Memory-intensive multi-players excel on a dedicated server

Dedicated servers are not cheap, but they constitute the main alternative for online players who appreciate cutting-edge gaming. They are private and remote, so the experience is more secure, but they are also equipped with more RAM and a punchier CPU than the average computer. That means gamers can expect a fast connection, a stable gaming experience, and minimal lag whenever they join up to a match. With a dedicated server, you won’t be relying on your PC or that of your friends. Instead, you’ll all take advantage of the server’s superior processing powers and, in doing so, minimize the risk of losing a crucial game.

Sometimes shared is the best option

Nevertheless, hosts with an advanced setup can deliver an incredibly smooth experience. Plus, shared servers are convenient and cost-effective compared to using a dedicated server. If you stick with fun casino games that don’t strain your device, you’ll probably never need to invest in a dedicated server. To discover a fun new take on bingo and slots, take a look at the Slingo reviews at They have thousands of variations to browse through, so finding a game that appeals to your playing style is easy.

Demanding games can suffer from lag

In theory, every movement of every player is tracked, and each activity is displayed as it happens. Naturally, this heavy-duty monitoring places a strain on the shared server, and as a result, the cracks can soon begin to show. Without sufficient bandwidth or the memory and processing power to host the game, the experience becomes disappointing for players. They are likely to have moments of lag and slow loading times and may be booted from the overstretched server altogether.

To pick which of these options is better for you, just think about your gaming needs. People who tend to play data-intensive online games packed with complex graphics, such as Destiny 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, could benefit from a dedicated server. For everyone else, a shared host is likely to be sufficient for your needs.




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