How The Internet Came Into Being

HuongDTM - Mar 18, 2022

How The Internet Came Into Being

Today, we will be talking about the happenings and people that significantly contributed to the development of the phenomenon called “the internet.”

The internet is used by us many times to accomplish many tasks in a day. The moment we wake up, we jump towards our phones to check if one of our family and friends tried to get in touch during the time we were in deep sleep. To get ready, we demand from Alexa news about the weather. After all, we would want to know how much to layer up! In the car, we use Google Maps to get informed about the route that will lead to us staying in the vehicle for the shortest time. During our office hours, we utilize the network of networks to not only communicate with colleagues at the office and loved ones at home but also to run a variety of online productivity tools. Once back from work, we chill with loved ones and watch movies on streaming apps such as Netflix, again using the global network that we have all come to call the internet. The increase in the usage of the internet can be attributed to the growth in the number of internet services – seven thousand. If you were wondering what we categorize as one internet service, we mean the sum of the internet packages that one provider offers. An example of service would be Xfinity internet.

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When something is as influential as the internet, it produces a lot of opportunities for discussion. While one section of the human race considers whether the internet is having a positive or negative impact on mankind, another group of people likes to discuss more practical topics like the best-value internet service plan available. Yet another subsection of the public likes to dig into the history of the internet, including people who helped shape the internet in the way that we see it today. If you are from the latter sector of the human place, it is time for you to celebrate as we will be delivering top content on topics you like to discuss! Today, we will be talking about the happenings and people that significantly contributed to the development of the phenomenon we like to call “the internet.”


ARPANET can be termed as the predecessor to the internet. That is why it must be mentioned in any article that circles around the development of the global network. As the name suggests, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network was created by none other than the Advanced Research Projects Agency. If you were guessing that this agency came under the technology department of the United States, know that your guess is far from the truth. In actuality, ARPA came under the Department of defense of the United States of America. It is alright that you got your guess wrong – at least, you can be proud of the fact that an agency of your country played a major part in the creation of the net!

It is understandable if you are facing difficulties deciphering why the military department needed something like the internet. To ensure that the Soviet Union did not bombard their data from the face of the Earth, the American military minds wanted to have a platform that allowed the accessing of data from multiple sites thousands of miles away.

Here’s an important clarification we feel we should be making at this point of the discussion: the ARPANET’s target audience was much wider than the personnel in the Department of Defense even though the department did create it. It was built also to allow the formation of global communities.  How do we know that for sure? Because Robert Taylor and Joseph Licklider – two scientists that contributed heavily to the creation of ARPANET – claimed in multiple works that that was the case. If you are having a hard time believing us, get hold of the work:

The Computer as a Communication Device.

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World Wide Web

World Wide Web

Not everything related to the internet was created by the United States, let alone the Department of Defense. In fact, the World Wide Web was invented by a British scientist by the name of Sir Tim Berners Lee. He invented it while working for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, more commonly known as CERN because of its French name - Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire. The World Wide Web may not sound like a big deal now but it was definitely a huge deal back in the early 1990s when it was invented. It not only allowed people to gain information from web pages but also enabled the jumping from one web page to another through HTML code.


Hopefully, the next time you participate in a discussion about the development of the internet, you will be able to contribute in a very positive manner.

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