Apple Devices For Sale

hoaict - May 11, 2022

Apple Devices For Sale

Check this article to find out more about the Apple devices for sale.

Apple is the biggest company in the world in terms of net worth. Just this year, it crossed the three-trillion net worth mark – a feat that has not been achieved by any other company at any other time before. Apple has such a big net worth because of a wide variety of reasons. However, all those reasons really boil down to one – Apple makes and has been known to make top-notch products. This has helped it enjoy brand loyalty from customers that no other organization has been able to enjoy before. In the case that you are an Apple fan looking to buy an Apple product or you just want to explore what exactly makes Apple so popular, it is time for you to rejoice. We say this because you are reading an article that will name and detail the major Apple products launched recently. If you do end up buying one of these products, know that you cannot possibly take full advantage of it without having a top-notch connection. This is because a speedy and consistent internet like the one provided by Comcast internet is necessary for the smooth running of online apps on these devices and online apps now literally take up a huge portion of our lives.


MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is significantly cheaper than the other Apple laptops – MacBook Pros. We say this knowing that you can buy the latest MacBook Air, the MacBook Air M1 2020, for a thousand dollars. However, despite the fact that it is the cheapest Apple laptop, it still packs a significant ton inside it. The M1 processor gives it excellent graphics and amazing battery life. Moreover, the display is Retina.

Macbook Air
Macbook Air

MacBook Pro

As you probably have heard, there are 2 versions of this laptop. The 14-inch version has a screen boasting a resolution of 3024 by 1964 and is 14.2 inches long in diagonal length. You can buy this version for more or less 2000 bucks. However, there is another version that has a bigger screen size of 16.2 inches. The resolution of its display is 3456 by 2234. Alongside, it has a much longer battery life than the 14-inch version. After all, more room in the laptop makes way for a bigger battery which then increases the number of hours the laptop can run on end. You have to pay 400 dollars more for the larger size. No matter which type of MacBook Pro you are buying, you can choose either the M1 Pro or M1 Max processor inside it. Obviously, the choice will affect the pricing of the laptop as well. While the M1 Max is known to be more powerful than M1 Pro, both of these processors are heavyweights in their own right and can get the overwhelming majority of tasks related to computers done.

macbook pro
Macbook Pro


iPhone 13

This phone is the intermediary version of the iPhone 13. What we mean by that is that it is neither the most expensive nor the least costly; instead, it costs roundabout eight hundred bucks. And those eight hundred bucks are, in our opinion, completely justified as you get a lot in return for them. Firstly, the screen is quite big (6.1 inches and is resistant to scratches as it consists of a special type of scratch-resistant ceramic glass.) Secondly, the cameras are also of very high quality. The back camera enables the taking of videos in 4K. Alongside, there is a front camera for Facetiming friends and family. The battery of the iPhone has improved as well. The iPhone 13 has a battery of 3240 mAh. Charging can be done in a wired way as well as wirelessly.

iPhone 13 Pro

Alongside the two lenses of the rear camera in the standard iPhone 13 version, there is also a third lens in the iPhone 13 Pro. This brings the camera quality of the Pro phone to a truly cinematic level. This device costs a thousand dollars. For a hundred dollars more (USD 1100), you can get hold of the iPhone 13 Pro Max which is essentially the same phone but with a bigger screen of 6.7 inches.

iPhone 13 Mini

You can guess by the name that this phone has a smaller screen than the standard iPhone 13 version. In this phone, the screen size is 6.1 inches, meaning the device can fit more easily in your pockets. With the diminished size comes a diminished size. This device’s price is 700 bucks.

Iphone 13 Mini
Iphone 13 Mini

Wrapping Up

It’s a wrap! We hope this article has helped you get a better idea of Apple and its products. Just know that all the above is not a comprehensive list of Apple products; there are many more of them such as the iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple Devices For Sale
Apple Devices For Sale

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