New ‘Deep Nostalgia’ AI Allow Users To Bring Old Photos To Life

Karamchand Rameshwar - Mar 02, 2021

New ‘Deep Nostalgia’ AI Allow Users To Bring Old Photos To Life

While many people use the AI to animate their loved ones' photos, some users on Twitter push the AI limits with some scary photos.

An AI-powered service called Deep Nostalgia has gone rival on Twitter for its ability to animates still photos. Some Twitter users have even been trying to create the scariest "moving pictures".

Deep Nostalgia Ai
It is amazing that we can now do these sorts of things with AI.

Deep Nostalgia service is developed and provided by the company MyHeritage. The aim of this service is to allow people to upload old photos of deceased loved ones and to watch them "come back to life" through short videos. A unique, but somewhat creepy, idea.

Powering the Deep Nostalgia service is the AI licensed from D-ID. It basically uses pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements, then picks the best one for the photos in need and creates a short video in which we can see a natural movement of your loved one in the photo.

Users can sign up for free on MyHeritage and then upload photos on the site (up to five free photos). The process will be completely automatic and the photo will be enhanced before being turned into an animated GIF or a short video.

But the story does not stop there. When the Internet got to know Deep Nostalgia, they used this service to create the scariest things.

An archaeologist tried to use Deep Nostalgia with pictures of ancient statues. As a result, Deep Nostalgia does not distinguish the real human face or the face of a statue, and the service still animates the statues’ face. You may find it horrifying to look at a statue’s face with blank eyes and move like a real person.

Deep Nostalgia Ai Scary
Deep Nostalgia AI is yet to distinguish between human and statue's faces.

As mentioned, the site allows users to upload up to five photos before having to pay for the service. Even though the main page says that “photos uploaded without completing signup are automatically deleted to protect your privacy”, you should still be careful about uploading personal photos to a website. 

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