Airtel SmartBytes: All You Need To Know About The Data Plans

Dhir Acharya - Nov 15, 2019

Airtel SmartBytes: All You Need To Know About The Data Plans

Airtel SmartBytes is a data service offered by Airtel for those who want to use more high-speed data after their plan’s limited data has been used up.

Airtel is one of the largest providers in India, favored for its reasonable offerings and good services, including customer service. One of the best services it has ever offered the India market is SmartBytes. So what is it, what does it do, what are its benefits and how can one use it?

Airtel SmartBytes – What is it?

Airtel SmartBytes is an additional internet data service offered by Airtel for those who want to use more high-speed data after their plan’s limited data has been used up. Typically, broadband customers choose and buy a certain data plan, in which they have limited high-speed data, after using up that amount, their data speed will switch to the default speed.

Airtel launched SmartBytes in India 8 years ago

However, with the default speed, you cannot do much apart from basic tasks like sending messages and emails. Therefore, the provider decided to launch Airtel SmartBytes for both broadband and mobile users so that they can have more high-speed data when they need it.

Airtel SmartBytes allows customers to buy additional data with choices of data packs from 1 GB to 50 GB, featuring a starting price of Rs 99. Furthermore, SmartBytes Airtel lets users track their internet usage and alerts them when they have used up 80 percent and 100 percent of their high-speed data. The service also tells users how much data they have left in their accounts as well as the number of days they have left in the billing cycle.

In his comment, Bharti Airtel’s President of Consumer Business K. Srinivas said that the company is committed to making it possible for customers to use high-speed internet. And with Airtel SmartBytes, he added, customers have a simple, smart option to raise the limit of high-speed data transfer as their wish. This service also empowers those who look to have a continuous high-speed browsing experience.

There are reasons why Airtel has had a firm place in the industry for so long among other major players like Jio and Vodafone. One of the reasons is their great plan offerings, you see how Airtel's plans compare with Jio's to see the bigger picture.

The service is meant to deliver continuous high-speed internet experience

Airtel SmartBytes – When was it launched?

Airtel became the first internet provider in India to offer SmartBytes when it first introduced the service eight years ago on October 17, 2011.

In June 2015, however, the company suddenly discontinued Smart Bytes for users in Delhi without informing users or releasing any official announcement on its Airtel SmartBytes page. Users only noticed the discontinuation when they couldn’t top up an additional data plan. As reported by a user, when he tried to buy additional data after using up his limited 2GB of data, he received a message saying the service was not applicable. Another message said that “Sorry! No data packs available for your region.” At the time, a company’s customer care executive said that it had discontinued Airtel SmartBytes and he could only use high-speed 3G or 4G data transfer by upgrading to a higher plan. Airtel didn’t notify users or media of that change.

The company then brought back the service in Delhi in October 2015, after four months of discontinuance. While Airtel didn’t announce the move publicly, it did send messages to users about bringing back SmartBytes Airtel.


Airtel SmartBytes – What do users benefit from it?

Users can buy data packs for additional high-speed usage when they need to.

Users can see the amount of remaining data in their account.

Users can set up their own daily data limit.

Users get notifications on their data usage.

Users can choose to buy between 1 GB and 50 GB of data with prices ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 1499.

SmartBytes makes it possible for customers to browse the web at a high-speed after using up their limited data in their fixed plans. The data they top up is valid for the remaining part of the monthly billing cycle.

Airtel also alerts customers when they have used up 80 percent and 100 percent of their limited high-speed data via email and SMS. Customers can buy a SmartBytes Airtel pack at any time after reaching the 80-percent usage. Before buying a certain plan, make sure you have considered all the options, here's how you can check the packages.

There are six Airtel SmartBytes plans in total that users can choose from. The 1GB pack costs Rs 99, the 2GB pack costs Rs 159, the 5GB pack costs Rs 299, the 10GB pack costs RS 499, the 20Gb pack costs Rs 799, and the 50Gb pack costs Rs 1499. You can see further details about the data plans here.

The service lets users keep track of their data usage

Airtel SmartBytes - What can users do?

For Mobile users

First thing first, users need to download the My Airtel app from Google Play Store. Open the app, log in to their Airtel account. If they haven’t had an account, users can sign up with their credentials. Once they’ve logged in, many offers will appear, users can also see all the Airtel-related information.

The app allows them to do several things such as SIM replacement, DTH Connection recharge, and mobile number recharge.

For Broadband users

Users can keep track of their usage in Airtel Broadband SmartBytes, recharge or change their plans through the broadband section. They can also check the amount of data left in their accounts, and check the expiry date.

Airtel SmartBytes is a really useful service, especially for those who need to use high-speed data continuously. And purchasing plans is simple as everything you need to do in on the My Airtel app.

All benefits aside, you should still pay attention so as not to overuse your data, hence cost yourself even more money. So, the final thing you should and need to know is how to save data when using Airtel Smartbytes.


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