7 Interesting Numbers Revealed By Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Harin - Dec 14, 2018

7 Interesting Numbers Revealed By Google CEO Sundar Pichai

During his hearing, as he stood before the United States House Judiciary Committee, the CEO of Google has revealed some interesting numbers related to Google.

During his hearing, the CEO of Google received some difficult questions from the United States House Judiciary Committee. Among all the questions he has had to face, Pichai needed to address questions regarding Google’s China Dragonfly Project as well as issues related to privacy. He was asked how is it possible that President Donald Trump’s pictures showed up when users searched for the term “idiot”. He also needed to explain to Rep. Steve King of Iowa that Google doesn’t make iPhones. He was also asked about a YouTube conspiracy theory claiming that Hillary Clinton drinks children blood. His answers in response to those questions have revealed some interesting numbers.

100: 100 is the number of Google employees working on China’s Dragonfly Project. The project receives much criticism from human rights groups as well as advocates concerning about privacy invasion possibility.

U S Wants Google To Withdraw Working On Dragonfly

15: More than 15% of the search that the company's search engine gets are queries that the system has never received before.

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1000: There are over 1000 employees who are working in the Google Search Team.

Google Campus

72: 72 hours or three days. Google only has 72 hours to notify users as well as the authorities if a breach happens. However, this also depends on circumstances and not all cases are the same.


160 million:  160 million users have used the Privacy Checkup feature. With this feature, Google will tell you what personal information and data is collected and if they are shared with other institutions. According to the CEO, approximately 20 million users have used privacy checkup feature last month.


2: This is the number of accounts responsible for the ads linked to Russian’s interference in the US elections that have been identified by Google after the company had conducted an extremely thorough investigation into this matter.

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4700: $4,700 is the amount of money that has been spent on the ads by the two accounts mentioned above.

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