Quantum-branded Mozilla Firefox 67 Coming With Dedicated Features

Maya Bhagat - Jun 12, 2019

Quantum-branded Mozilla Firefox 67 Coming With Dedicated Features

After the release of the first of Quantum-branded version of Firefox, Mozilla Firefox 67 was introduced with many significant features.

After debuting the Quantum-branded of Firefox, Mozilla is trying relentlessly to boost the speed of its browser.


Firefox 67 Will Add Support For Running Different
Firefox 67

The new version of Firefox 67, which was introduced on Tuesday, emphasizes on website code’s vital parts in order to enhance the speed of Amazon, Google, and Instagram to the new level from 40% to 80%. Plus, the speed is improved as this version holds background tabs if free memory is not more than 400MB, preventing slowdowns.

It is undeniable the importance of speed when you are online. When websites load faster, it will make you have more online activities like searching and shopping. Unfortunately, regardless of all the effort of Mozilla, Firefox users are less and less. The amount of users drops every month. Specifically, at the moment that the primary Firefox Quantum was released at the end of 2017, it was estimated to be 300 million users, which decreases to the number of 257 million now. Although the time users spend for Firefox each day is more than before, the number is only 20 minutes.

It is quite intangible to talk about Mozilla’s mission which is to help the net free and prevent you from slaving for tech giants. Mozilla has gained great achievement like destroying the lock Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 years ago. Now, it is ready to take part in the battle against Google's Chrome.

Firefox Cryptominers Fingerprinters
Some of the new features.


Some Firefox 67’s features:

  • Previously, although you close conventional means such as cookies, advertisers and websites can track you because of cryptocurrency mining and fingerprinting software. However, they are now blocked by Firefox. About fingerprinting, scripts are used to check things your browser has the ability to do and the way it is configured. When the parameters are enough, it can distinguish between your browser and others. Besides, cryptocurrency mining scripts have the role to lower the power of your computing as well as electricity bill, leading to creating digital cash.
  • In addition, a faster new AV1 video decoder by Firefox, which is also named dav1d, took part in some companies named Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in 2015. This helps Firefox carry out the royalty-free AV1 compression technology. Moreover, this Firefox’s action belongs to a project plan to approach to HEVC - the leading competitor. AV1 contributes to making more practical 4K video and gradually reduce video with lower-resolution. According to Mozilla, in the Firefox beta, the streaming video already makes up 12%.
  • Furthermore, for computers running Windows 10 while using an Nvidia graphics card, WebRender - new technology will be accessed. This technology takes an important role in boosting the speed of the web site. It also enhances the websites’ responsibility. Now, the number of Firefox users is still limited, however, it will be more over 2019.
  • Customizing Firefox with an extension, the browser will start faster.


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