Fortnite Reached The User Base Of 200 Million Registered Users, Almost Two-Thirds The US Population

Karamchand Rameshwar - Nov 28, 2018

Fortnite Reached The User Base Of 200 Million Registered Users, Almost Two-Thirds The US Population

The biggest and most popular video game, Fortnite, just reached a user base of 200 registered players,

Fortnite, probably the biggest video game in the world right now, is still growing even more.

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That can be indicated from the latest stats from Epic Games, Fortnite maker: Over 200 million users have joined the game, confirmed by Epic Games this Tuesday.

In the span of just six months, from June to November 2018, around 75 million new users have joined, boosting Fortnite’s user base to over 200 million.

That is an imposing figure. It helps Fortnite to reach the user base level of the most popular classic video games like “Minecraft,” “Tetris” and “GTV 5”.

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That being said, there is still a significant difference between “Fortnite” and those mentioned games as Fortnite is a free-to-play game and users can play it only most of the platforms that allow playing games. And Fortnite is focusing on being a multiplayer game with “Battle Royale” mode that can be immensely replayable.

And those attributes contributed to the success of Fortnite as it becomes the most popular and most prominent video game globally since the Battle Royale mode was introduced in September 2017.

It has only been a year since the game started climbing to the top, and its signature victory dances have already reached to professional athletes.

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It just feels like already months since the famous rapper, Drake, teamed up with Ninja to stream Fortnite on Twitch, and that helps Fortnite to spread its popularity even wider. But that is because it happened eight months ago.

Drake and Ninja, on a Twitch stream, played Fortnite together on PS4 and that stream broke the record of Twitch with more than 600,000 of viewers at some point.

Drake Ninja Stream Fortnite Feature

And after about a year after Battle Royale mode hit the game, there are now more users playing the game every month than the population of Canada - the home country of Drake.

And when it comes to the registered user base of over 200 million, it is close to two-thirds of the population of the US.


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