China Is Expected To Lead The 6G Technology Pack Ahead Of Major Players

Parvati Divakar - Dec 01, 2018

China Is Expected To Lead The 6G Technology Pack Ahead Of Major Players

China is looking ahead to 2020 when it research into 6G network

China is looking to move into the next phase of Internet connections on mobile devices. It's developing fifth-generation technology which is considered as the next step in wireless technology, the 6G. 

The goal is to provide significantly faster wireless connections and not just for computers and phones but also for everyday objects.

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As reported by Securities Time, state media company, China intends to officially start researching and developing the 6G wireless systems in 2020. This was informed by Su Xin, who leads the group working on the fifth generation wireless technology at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Su told that if things go as expected, China will probably launch commercial services for the 6G network by 2030, provided that they have already begun studying the concept this year.

Compared to 5G, 6G is predicted to boost the speed of transmitting data by over 10 times. Moreover, the service's download speed could also reach over 1 terabyte per second, which is about 1,000 times faster than 5G.

Also, 6G could innovate the structures of wireless and wired networks by bringing data services to more regions as well as higher altitudes, providing more efficient connections across devices. Su Xin also explained:


According to Deloitte, China is already has exceeded the US in deploying 5G. As shown in the statistic of Tech Asia, China has invested about $24 million more than the US in infrastructure for wireless communication, with another $400 billion coming in the future. Additionally, the country set up 350,000 new mobile phone towers, ten times as many as in the US.

However,  the world's most populous country is not the only country working on 6G wireless. The US, the EU, and Russia have also anticipated fielding their first sixth-generation wireless networking. Especially, Charter Communications, the second-biggest cable and broadband provider in the US, is already in the process of testing 6G wireless systems.


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