Android Users In India Can Now Use Mozilla Firefox Lite Mobile Browser

Jyotis - Mar 15, 2019

Android Users In India Can Now Use Mozilla Firefox Lite Mobile Browser

"We aim to make Firefox Lite not just the best app for browsing and searching online but make it more engaging for our users."

Mozilla has officially released a new version of a browser called Firefox Lite running on Android smartphones. In August 2018, the web browser of Firefox Lite came to the Indonesian users as Firefox Rocket and focused on enhancing experience and privacy for each its users.


Different to the first Firefox versions with the 10MB weight, the new version is designed with lower than 4 megabytes in size. In addition, the manufacturer also made an announcement with its partnerships on boosting the business ecosystem in India.

On March 13, in New Delhi, Mozilla confirmed that the 2018 Firefox Lite in the country helped its users to save over 8,000 hours to launch the app, as well as more than 33,000 hours to load all pages. Also in 2018, in Indonesia, it was downloaded more than 2 million times.

Firefox Lite

Besides, Mozilla has brought a new mode to this version: a Turbo mode that is allegedly able to block trackers from third parties. With this mode, consuming the data will be reduced significantly as well as users can load websites much faster than they used to.

Firefox Lite reportedly comes to 15 Asian markets including Brunei, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


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