Google Keeps Tracking You Everyday, Indian Users Should Know

Anil - Apr 06, 2019

Google Keeps Tracking You Everyday, Indian Users Should Know

Google Search, YouTube, Gmail... and even the phone on your hand are Goole's secret detective.

Have you ever wondered how social media could take part in our lives deeply? One of them, Google, has a complex system of apps which can track every move on the internet. Unfortunately, you might never keep away from them.

1. Search Engine

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Google search engine gives us a massive source of knowledge, so there’re billions of search per day across the world on the site and your searches are part of it. Whatever you type in the search box at any time, it’s safe to say that Google knows every word that you’ve entered.

2. Maps Service


Admitting that even iOS users have their own Apple Maps, a number of them have still kept using the similar app from Google. Google Maps is dominating the map service over the years and no rivals seem to go ahead of it now. Wherever you traveled to, Google saved your location as well.

3. Play Store

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Android users have no choice but Play Store if they want to download and enjoy an app. Google will maintain every app which you’ve ever downloaded and even just searched in the Play Store, for sure.

4. Google Photos

Google Photos Gswo

If you use the Photos, Google knows exactly what photos you synchronized and even how many times you clicked on them. How scary it is.

5. Android

Google Thu Phi Android

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google since they bought it from Android Inc. in 2005. Well, even when you contemporarily disconnect the internet connection, it does not mean that you would no longer be tracked anymore.

6. Gmail


With a ballpark of over 1.5 billion active users per month, Gmail is an inevitable email service when our friends, family members, and colleagues are also involved in Gmail. Through it, Google is covering every single conversation that we’ve ever had and so on. If you’ve backed up your Contacts with Gmail account, you won’t be surprised with any suggestion about someone whom you interact with most frequently.

7. YouTube

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As for YouTube, well, Google knows what kinds of video you’ve been interested in and the video service will deliver appropriate ads to your watching sessions for commercial purposes. On the surface, we just are annoyed with them but in depth, nobody knows what Google would do with our daily interaction on the internet.


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