These Are Must-Have Apps For Rooted Android Phones

Karamchand Rameshwar - Mar 17, 2021

These Are Must-Have Apps For Rooted Android Phones

If you have just rooted your Android smartphones, these are our picks for the must-have apps for rooted Android phones.

You have just rooted your Android device? Then these are must-have apps for rooted Android phones that you really should install on your phone to expand its capability. Before going into the list, it is worth noting that playing with rooted apps might damage your phone, so be careful.

Best Apps For Rooted Android Phones
These are all must-have apps for rooted Android phones.

AdBlock Plus

Do you hate ads that pop up everywhere? Then you should install AdBlock Plus as it tackles the top annoying things, which is ads. This app will block all the ads that pop-up on your phone and the good thing is that it only blocks the ads that you add to the filter lists. The app also protects users from malware and tracking.

Adblock Plus Apps For Rooted Android Phones
AdBlock Plus is one of the best apps for rooted android phones

Download AdBlock Plus here.


If you are a heavy user and use your phone’s battery very quickly, then you should install Greenify. This is one of the best apps for root Android devices when it comes to saving battery. This app is able to kill background apps and processes that drain battery from your phone. 

Greenify Apps For Rooted Android Phones
Greenify is one of the best apps for rooted Android if you want to save your battery.

You can pick the apps that you don’t need to be running in the background and Greenify will put those apps into hibernation. By doing so, you will not only prevent those apps from draining your phone’s battery, but also mobile data. For example, apps like Twitter, Facebook, emails, Instagram, and more usually sync on regular intervals. In the latest version, you can use this app without having to root your device, but this app works best on rooted devices.

Download Greenify on Google Play Store.

Magisk Manager

Magisk is a pretty new name on the list of the best apps for rooted android phones. The main purpose of this app is to hide the fact that your device is rooted because many apps like Pokemon Go or Netflix don’t allow rooted devices. However, that is not the only functionality of the app as it allows users to do a lot of modifications to their phone. Sadly, the app is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download the apk file on XDA-Developers and install it.

Magisk Manager Apps For Rooted Android Phones
Magisk Manager is truly one of the best Android apps for rooted phones.

Download Magisk Manager on XDA-Developers.

Device Control

This app is loaded with many other features like App Manager, Entropy Generator, Wireless File Manager, Tasker, and many more. It also allows users to control lots of features of their Android devices like Knock-On, screen colour temperature, CPU & GPU frequencies, vibration strength, i/o schedulers, Kernel specific extras like intelli-plug and intelli-thermal by faux, mpdecision toggle, power efficient workqueues, Fast Charge, Voltage Control, power scheduling, and much more.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one of the best apps for rooted Android phones when it comes to backing up data. You can backup all sorts of things with this app, even system apps. Another great thing about Titanium Backup is that it allows you to remove any app from your Android device. That means you can even get rid of the bloat-ware apps that come pre-installed with the phone. However, you should not uninstall any of the critical Android system apps if you don’t want to damage the system files. You can also purchase the Pro version of this app on Google Play Store for just Rs. 413.

Titanium Backup Apps For Rooted Android Phones
Titanium Backup

Download Titanium Backup on Google Play Store.

Root App Deleter

If you are fed up with unnecessary system apps or bloatware apps that eat lots of space on your phone, then Root app deleter is a must-have app. As you can tell by the name, this is one of the best apps for rooted android phones for removing or freezing apps that you don’t use. Just like with Titanium Backup, you have to stay away from important system files and apps if you want to damage the OS.

Root App Deleter Apps For Rooted Android Phones
Root App Deleter

Download Root App Deleter on Google Play Store.

ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox Pro is an all-in-one app for rooted Android devices. It comes with lots of tools that allow users to customize their Android experience. It is built-in with apps like ROM Manager, SetCPU, Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, Autorun Manager, MetaMorph, Script Manager, BuildProp Editor, BootAnimation Installer, Font Installer, and others. 

Download ROM Toolbox Pro on Google Play Store.


Migrate is a ROM migration tool as you can tell by its name. The app basically allows you to back up all sorts of data like app data, SMS, call logs, apps, and other information. It will then compress all those things into a flashable zip file. You have to flash a new ROM before flashing the zip to unpack your data. With this app, you will save a lot of time when installing up a new ROM.

Migrate Apps For Rooted Android Phones

Download Migrate on Google Play Store.

This is the end of our list of the apps for rooted Android phones. If you don’t know how to root Android, we will guide you on a different article or take a look at this video.

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