Tumblr Silently Came Back To The App Store With A Simple Notice On Its Site

Jyotis - Dec 15, 2018

Tumblr Silently Came Back To The App Store With A Simple Notice On Its Site

iOS users can now download it anytime and anywhere.

It has been a month since Tumblr was banned out of the Apple App Store due to the delivery of child pornography. When the incident happened, the company made an official announcement regarding that all of the adult content available on its platform would be entirely removed. Now, those who are using iPhones can re-experience the wonderful moments with the Tumblr version for iOS.

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In other words, the app has returned on the App Store and users can download it anytime and anywhere. It is among the “17+” rated apps running on the iOS platform. However, the rating may face another change in the few next days, when the adult content is entirely banned.

There has been no full statement issued by Tumblr regarding the comeback of the app version for iOS. On its support site, along with the latest update, the company gave a simple notice that the app was available on the Apple App Store and allowed users to download it to their phones.


If you still remembered, just one month ago, Apple suddenly eliminated Tumblr out of its app list and didn’t give any advance notice. It turned out that Tumblr was accused of offering child pornography on its platform. With some justification, the company said its all content was approved according to “industry database of known child sexual abuse material”; however, that is completely untrue.

At the beginning of December 2018, Tumblr updated and changed its own policies, and stated that there would be a full ban on the delivery of the adult content in the few next days (December 17th as expected). As a result, the company got a string of disagreement and criticism. It seems to have the firm determination to set up the foundation for a better Tumblr in the future.

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Also in the new iOS app version, Tumblr added the new modification in its Community Guidelines to forbid some specific contents on its platform.


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