iPhone 12 Color Is Fading Away Quickly And No One Knows Why

Dhir Acharya - Mar 18, 2021

iPhone 12 Color Is Fading Away Quickly And No One Knows Why

If you paid a bunch of money to buy the expensive iPhone 12 but have experienced this problem, you are not alone. A lot of users are furious too.

Apple doesn’t often change the iPhone’s design, so when it chose the squared-off edges for the iPhone 12, it drew the attention of the public. However, the aluminum chassis of the Red variant of the new iPhone lineup has been suffering from discoloration where the red color is fading away, according to Svetapple.

The discoloration, which started a few months ago, is described in the report:

“Back in November 2020, we bought a red iPhone 12 for the editorial office, which is used primarily for work purposes. This phone has been worn in a transparent case since day one and has not been used in any “toxic” environment where aggressive substances are present. Nevertheless, an unpleasant cosmetic defect appeared on it, which from our point of view was caused by a bad / imperfect surface treatment. A deep red color began to fade in one of the corners, which did not look good visually.”

Iphone 12 Red Aluminum Fades Around Part Of The Ed

The discoloration happens around the corner of the phone that’s closest to the rear camera module. However, the cause of the problem remains unknown. Svetapple went on the internet to find out if any other user has experienced the same problem.

It turned out that not just the iPhone 12, but the iPhone 11 and the new iPhone SE have experienced the discoloration issue as well. There’s a thread on the official support forum of Apple where a lot of iPhone 11 users reported discoloration on different colors including black, red, and green. Meanwhile, another thread on the MacRumors forum saw user The-Real-Deal82 offering an explanation:

“Coloured aluminium will fade unfortunately and as we know even with a red car, it starts changing colour the moment it is exposed to UV light. Red is perhaps the worst colour for pigment change in just about any format from printing ink to coloured dyes.

In regards to an iPhone the colours aren’t present due to anodising. Anodising is very restricted to silvers, golds and down to dark bronze. The colours Apple use are from chemical colouring which is a similar process but allows a much wider colour variation. The downside of this is that they are not quite a stable in terms of resisting the elements.

I would definitely get that phone swapped and not use a case with clear sides going forward. I am very surprised you are seeing this fading after such a short space of time too.”


Regardless, it’s unfortunate that iPhone owners have run into this problem so early into their use of the phone.

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