Technologies that enable the development of online casinos with live dealers

HuongDTM - Feb 16, 2022

Technologies that enable the development of online casinos with live dealers

One of the new modalities of the online gambling industry that has more and more fans is the live casino. Or the casino with live dealers. This way of playing allows gamblers to access a gaming room from their mobile device or PC, just as they would see it in a traditional casino. Besides the accessories required for the chosen game, such as cards or roulette, there is the dealer who runs the game in real-time. There is also a team that operates the cameras so that the player can watch the action from different angles at the same time. If you haven't entered the live casino yet, click here live casino online and enjoy its stunning interactive game. But which modern technologies make live casino development possible? 

online casino
online casino


The first component behind the live casino is the cameras that can transmit the image to the device of the player. Without this essential component, live casinos wouldn’t literally exist. The web cameras use the latest technologies to transmit images in high resolution. 

So, with these cameras, you can ever see such moments in a live casino which you won't even see in a physical one. For example, you can see the action on a live roulette wheel or a live dealer's blackjack from several angles. Usually, the live casino uses three or more different cameras so that the user can choose from which angle he or she wants to view the gaming table. And these cameras are not similar to regular devices you see every day.


It is a technology that uses software to identify the parts that make up an image and make it recognizable to a computer. Basically, it is the character recognition that allows the interaction between the game and the user to place his bets from his own control panel. This technology is able to record the movements of the croupier and everything that happens in the gaming room, incorporating the actions that the player records on his device. It captures all the action from card shuffling and dealing with the live dealer’s action. 

Online casino
Online casino


This component is an important part of any live casino game. It is a small device that is hidden in each table. The main function of it is to decode the video stream and convert the feed to data. And then the players can see it in HD quality. 


Software is the set of programs that enables the operation of the platform where the user registers and starts playing. This software provides players with the necessary resources to perform all sorts of actions from their profiles and even enter the live casino mode and start placing their bets. In other words, they enable the environment in which the game will take place. In the live casino, the croupier is responsible for starting the game. 


In conclusion, the live casino is a relatively new form of online gambling that allows players to interact in a real-world environment from their own devices. The technologies that enable this new gaming experience are web cameras, optical character recognition, a game control unit, and the software that runs the casino itself. All these technical components allow the player to fully engage in the game and give the player the atmosphere of a real physical casino. 

So, there is a question if live casinos are able to replace physical casinos. Well, even if they have many advantages and provide an immersive live experience, it doesn’t mean physical casinos must die. Yes, there are not so convenient for those gamblers who prefer enjoying their favorite roulette or slots games on mobile devices. But there are still people who would prefer going to a physical casino rather than gambling at home. A live casino is just a wonderful option that extends the gambling landscape. Live gambling is constantly boosting its growth because of new technologies. It is even expected that live casinos evolve much more in the future because of virtual reality technologies. 

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