Scammers Can Make Use Of Google App To Steal Your Bank Account

Anil - Jun 26, 2019

Scammers Can Make Use Of Google App To Steal Your Bank Account

Step by step, scammers will conduct a number of sophisticated stages to make people fall prey to the trap.

Up to now, many Internet users have to face one of the most popular scam techniques in the world – phishing. Along with the precaution growing among users day by day, cybercriminals are also trying to find other ways and methods which are more sophisticated to trick the victims. According to a report from Wired, the scammers are making use of the app’s default settings to outwit us.

The report unveiled that those scammers have been taking advantage of the Calendar app with the help of a new setting. Step by step, they will conduct a number of stages to let people fall prey to the trap.

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Firstly, the scammers will automatically create fake invitations to your schedule even if you made no response to them. Then a reminder will be initially sent to your phone just moments before the event takes place. After that, the reminder displays a fake notification saying that your bank account has a wire transaction and ask you to authorize your personal information by filling out your PIN code.

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Scammers also manipulate a handful of other maneuvers, including popping up a suggestion that says users have won a contest, but they have to report their security number to meet the needs of that game’s rule and receive the prize. These types of notifications will fire off around the clock until you tap on the link within it. It’s easy to understand while the fake news mostly comes from the trusted app like Google Calendar.

By using these familiar tricks, they will still able to scam on private data of victims, including social security number, personal banking information, and many other important details.

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To get away of stuff listed above, all you need to do is making a simply change - head to your settings board in Google Calendar then turn off the ‘Automatically add invitations’ option. Apart from this, you need to check your “Show declined events” option whether it’s inactivated or not. Let uncheck it immediately to prevent yourself from the fake invite spams.


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