iPhone Sales In India Isn’t As Ideal As That Of iPad And Mac! Bad News For Apple!

Jyotis - Nov 05, 2018

iPhone Sales In India Isn’t As Ideal As That Of iPad And Mac! Bad News For Apple!

iPhone sales in the fourth quarter is estimated to reduce by approximately a quarter.

According to industry research firm Counterpoint, iPhone sales in India is estimated to reduce approximately a quarter in the fourth quarter. This is the first time during the recent four years, Apple has faced this situation in the second largest smartphone market in the world.

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Although the fourth quarter includes festival season, like the Diwali festival that often brings a mass of electronics sales to customers, Apple’s forecasted sales haven’t shown its prosperity.

CEO Tim Cook uncovered that the results in the third quarter weren’t really satisfactory and the company only sold about 700,000 - 800,000 iPhones. The number is around 1,000,000 lower than that in the same period of last year.

Since early 2018 to now, only approximately 2 million customers have chosen to buy smartphones produced by Apple. Reasons may be due to iPhones’ prices making Indians worried. These prices are higher over those of the other smartphone lines because of a low rupee rate and trade tariffs.

The research director at HongKong-based Counterpoint Research, Neil Shah said that in the third quarter of 2017, the iPhone sales was 900k, but it reduced to half in the same period of this year.

Until now, the iPhones sold the most in 2018 are mainly the previous models: They occupied over 50%. However, the statistics apparently doesn’t make the Apple CEO pessimistic and most analysts agree with the potentials of Apple’s success in the growing market of India.

A few days ago, Tim Cook was allegedly pleased with the sales of iPad and Mac in India market. In addition, CEO Tim Cook also shared his ambition to open Apple stores in the country. However, luck hasn’t come to iPhones. The Indian people seem to welcome other Apple products instead of iPhones and the India market has been always a challenge to Tim Cook and Apple.


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