Indian IT Companies Come Directly To US Colleges For Recruitment

Shakti - Dec 05, 2018

Indian IT Companies Come Directly To US Colleges For Recruitment

Many Indian IT firms are longing for US fresh university graduates. They are also considering many factors for their companies’ expansion in the US.

Wanting to double the number of US employees who are fresh graduates, Indian companies related to information technology have considered the colleges’ location as a key factor for their decision on situating new offices.

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One more time, many IT firms in India pay their attention to US business mostly due to a large number of lucrative digital contracts.  As a result, these firms want to expand the size of the local labor force. Besides, restrictions of H-1B visa are the motivation in hiring more American residents.

Many Indian IT firms turn to the US for recruitment

However, the fact that American unemployment rates are invariably low could be an enormous obstacle for the majority of Indian IT companies to find high-qualified candidates.

Therefore, hiring fresh graduations, then training them and let them involve in local projects could be suitable solutions for these companies.

It may cost more reasonably to recruit recently graduated people rather than employ them some years later, especially for the jobs requiring professional skills, said an industry observer.

Investors of Infosys were informed by CEO Salil Parekh that the company had hired 800 graduates in 4000 US candidates in 2018, and its aim is increasing this number to 1000 at the end of the year.

The secondary factor that these firms should take into account is the investment incentives in some US states. For example, Texas authorities would agree to offer Infosys a grant – valued at $3 million – when Infosys invests excessively $12 million in Texas’s new center.

500 jobs certainly would be created by this move, and the future employees may be coming from a large network of community college and university here.

For this future scene, the location of the universities, whose students they want to engage, is the decisive element to locate their offices.

Keshab Panda, CEO of L&T Technology Services, realized that not many people want to commute such a long way to their work in different states. Recently, 30 Illinois college graduates have been taken on at this company’s Peoria center in this state, and the same recruitment process will be stimulated in other offices, from Plano in Texas to Edison in New Jersey and San Jose in California.

Another decisive factor that companies thoroughly consider is the site of the customer base.

These Indian firms hold realistic hope of being near the clients. This is understandable in one sense, as most digital contracts need to be negotiated face-to-face with the customers.

Zensar, whose focus on its American digital firm, is boosting its operations here, and one indispensable activity must be employing more US fresh grads, said CEO Sandeep Kishore.

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At this stage, it is too early to make a judgment about this novel strategy of Indian IT firms when academic relationships can be better.

NC State University’s representative, Ken Tate, said that they, in fact, have only a counterpart - KPIT, although there were many exchanges between them and several Indian IT companies.


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