Google Chrome Will No Longer Ruin Your Battery Life, Thanks To Microsoft

Anil - Aug 22, 2019

Google Chrome Will No Longer Ruin Your Battery Life, Thanks To Microsoft

Microsoft suggests a better experience for Chromium users with power management.

The Microsoft Edge has replaced the Internet Explorer for a slew of years as a Microsoft's claim: it is more compatible with a laptop when going to power consumption, in comparison with Google Chrome. Now, the company suggests a Windows-based experience for the Chromium-based project to control power management.

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Microsoft said Edge is more compatible with a laptop in terms of power consumption.

Microsoft did boast of its browser surpassing Chrome in video-streaming, which was tested on Surface Books in 2018, before dropping it to replace with Chromium. Now, the company shows a commitment to Chromium by enhancing the way Chrome contemporarily stores video to improve the battery life of devices.

Microsoft Chromium Based Edge 05
Microsoft did boast of its own browser surpassing Chrome in video-streaming.

According to senior software engineer Shawn Pickett, the company claimed that the way media content is cached to disk these days would increase power consumption.

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Unnecessary media content will no longer be cached to disks.

A report from ZDNet also said that the extra power usage negatively affects battery life as media consumption leads to high usage. With the goal of improving the battery life of devices, the change will stop the caching of media content to disks. Last week, an engineer from Google also demonstrated in a note that the change would perform such practices to make a more convenient experience for its users.

This is expected to bring a lot of benefits to all browsers based on Chromium platform, including the brand-new Edge. As a result, it will help all Windows PCs to maintain battery life as well.


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