Google Apologizes For False Bonuses In Sexual Harassement Scandal

Dhir Acharya - Nov 01, 2018

Google Apologizes For False Bonuses In Sexual Harassement Scandal

On Tuesday, Google CEO sent an email to apology to employees about the scandal last week where it gave bonuses to executives committed sexual harassment.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, send an apology to employees for the company’s response to office sexual misconducts in his email on Tuesday.

This was about the recent news indicating Google’s bonuses for executives who were fired for sexual harassment.

Sundar Pichai

In New York Time’s report last week, three Google’s highest executives were sacked for sexual misconduct, but they Google also gave them massive bonuses, which was not according to sexual harassment laws. The most notable case was Andy Rubin with Rs 660 crore payment.

As the story got attention, Pichai and seniors did not deny anything but just admitted the story was “difficult to read”. Additionally, they focused on the where they fired another 48 employees on the misconducts without a single exit package, showing how strict they have been.

Pichai declared that Google’s apology “wasn’t enough”, according to his five-paragraph email which Ars Technica received.

In the message, he also wrote that he was deeply sorry for what happened with employees in the sexual harassment scandal last week, emphasizing that if even a single person feels about Google the way NYT described, they are not the company they desired to be.

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He also expressed his understanding towards the public’s disappointment and anger:


Pichai admitted Google has to be stricter about inappropriate behaviors at the office. Yet, an apology in words alone is not enough.

It is reported that Google employees are conducting a walkout this Thursday, at many offices around the world, so that leadership will take their request for change seriously. Meanwhile, Pichai said that the company knows about the protest and employees will have the support they need.


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