Google Just Launched An Underwater Photo Mode To Android

Dhir Acharya - Mar 03, 2021

Google Just Launched An Underwater Photo Mode To Android

The new feature will help users capture better photos and videos underwater. It will also display the water temperature and underwater depth.

In the last couples of years, Google has been keeping its promise to make the Pixel phone software first. The tech giant has released a handful of Pixel drops that introduce new features exclusive to its smartphone line. And now, a new Pixel drop is out with exciting features, including an underwater photo mode.

In the Pixel 4, Google added a Recorder app that automatically transcribes speech into text, making it a perfect tool for recordings of interviews, lectures, as well as other conversations. However, transferring the text to another device and sharing the recordings with other people is not easy or quick.

Google Pixel 5 Camera Hero Compressed

This problem is solved in the new Pixel drop as Google started an online hub where you can listen to your recordings, see transcripts, and browse your files. The company has also added an automatic backup feature for your recording.

This will help users copy and paste the transcription more easily. Users can also create a shareable link for a recording and accompanying text to let others view the content.

The most exciting new feature that Google has just released will help the Pixel better shoot photos underwater provided that you have the right phone case. Initially, the feature only works with cases from Kraken Sports, but it now supports Portrait Mode, Night Sight, and Motion Photos via physical buttons on the case. The feature will also show information like the user’s underwater depth and the water’s temperature on the phone display.

The feature will help improve underwater photo quality
The feature will help improve underwater photo quality

This helps make sure users can get the best shot and video despite the disadvantage of capturing underwater.

Other updates include Smart Compose introduced to select messaging apps such as Google Chat. There are new wallpapers designed for International Women’s Day and a new bedtime screen mode for Pixel users who own a wireless charging Pixel Stand.

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