'Fortnite Superstar' Ninja To Launch Three Gaming Books

Anil - Jun 20, 2019

'Fortnite Superstar' Ninja To Launch Three Gaming Books

Those books will bring you all recommendations from the 'Fortnite Superstar' - Ninja.

Turning from a video game streamer into a book author is not something familiar with us. However, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins – a superstar in streaming “Fortnite” game, is likely to not only become a rich game-streamer but also a dedicated writer. Ninja has become a superstar in the gaming community since last year after establishing the reputation as one among the best “Fortnite” players at this time. Now, he will also publish three books soon, thanks to the partnered-up deal with Penguin Random House.


The superstar gamer boasts over 22 million YouTube subscribers on his channel, along with nearly 15 million subscribers on other popular platforms like Instagram and Amazon-owned streaming service, Twitch. Ninja benefited the moonshot of his popularity after playing the game with rapper Drake in the past year. For your information, Drake was named one of 100 most influential people in 2018, according to a ranking list compiled by Time Magazine.

Ninja Time 100

“Ninja: Get Good, My Ultimate Guide to Gaming” is one of the new books created by Ninja. The book is expected to be released on August 20. The book will share some of his gaming expertise, which is designed to focus on 10-year-old and above players. The book spreads a load of topics, including the way to build a PC for gaming, how to their skills in some favorite games, how to set up a competitive team, and how to build a gaming community on the Internet.

Along with “Ninja: Get Good, My Ultimate Guide to Gaming”, the streamer also launches a journal called “Ninja’s Notebook”. Apart from several writing prompts and stickers, there's a load of blank pages to help players document their foray into the competitive world of gaming.

Ninja Fortnite Nye

The world’s most popular video game streamer will also feature in “Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game”, a graphic novel. The book is under the partnership between Ninja and Justin Jordan, a famous author who joined hand in some works such as DC’s “Green Lantern”. The novel is said to be put on sale in late 2019.


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