Top 15 Pocket Games For Indian Gamer, No Download Required!

Anil - Jun 04, 2020

Top 15 Pocket Games For Indian Gamer, No Download Required!

These games are totally free and most of them also can be really fun to play with.

Powerful PCs and gaming smartphones are totally unnecessary once you can just go online and play games on several websites. And actually, not only these games are free but most of them also can be really fun to play with. There are various forms for you to choose, from multi-player to single-player. Check out the list below to choose your favorite one.

Ludo with Friends

You will have much more fun if you play this with your loved ones or even with strangers online. Also, it has a calling feature that helps you socialize with other players during a game if you want.

Games Ludo


This puzzle game is a little bit tricky. To win you have to move the tiles up or down, to the left or right so that tiles with the same numbers combine until you reach 2048.

Games 2048

Black Jack Grid

This is a card and puzzle game where you have to move cards horizontally and vertically until you get the total points of 21.

Sheep Stacking

As simple as its name, just continuously put the sheep one by one on the other until you get the highest tower of sheep you can.

Games Sheep Stacking
Sheep Stacking

Sticky Goo

The love of your life is in danger and you have to jump through and dodge obstacles to save him/her. However, it is actually quite harder than it sounds.

Games Sticky Goo
Sticky Goo

Laser Locked

Another puzzle game for you but this time, you have to rotate the discs and match those with a similar color. Next, link them using a laser to pass each stage.

Jello Go Round

The main character is Mr. Jello whose life purpose only is to eat all the jelly cubes around the world. Shape-transforming and color-changing to suit the jelly cubes are your ways to help him.

Battle Fish

You grow fish and use them to domesticate the monsters.

Dead End

A zombie game where your only weapons to fight against zombies are spikes.

Games Dead End
Dead End

Game of Tiles

You will be given a limited amount of time to tap as many Black tiles as possible without touching the White ones.

Shadow Run

You will help a ninja jump as high as possible while avoiding obstacles.

Oh no

Make sure you fill each level with Red and Blue dots to win.

Games Oh No
Oh No

Home Run Hit

In our list of best non-download games, this is a baseball game where you get scored just by using your finger or mouse to swipe. But remember, the game will end when you hit five strikes.

Pie Attack

You shoot pies at criminals attacking the building and rescue the innocent.

Jelly Doods

In this game, you receive moves to arrange and put the jelly shapes with the same color together.

Games Jelly Doods
Jelly Doods

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