FIFA 21 will feature on the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Dhir Acharya - Jul 13, 2020

FIFA 21 will feature on the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles

On top of the launching of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the introduction of an all-new FIFA 21 featuring on these next-gen consoles is getting gaming fans excited.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 was launched online and live-streamed to fans

One of the most popular activities during the lockdown in many countries due to the coronavirus, has been gaming. Popular games have seen spikes in sales, as people stay at home and have time to spend on gaming. Many developers are even giving away popular titles for free to help fans get through difficult times. 

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Major showpiece events and forums were cancelled due to the inability to host events with massive crowds of fans. The launching event of Sony’s PlayStation 5 was the most notable example. The long-waited successor to the PS4, was launched online and live streamed to fans around the world. Nevertheless, the launch was one of the most-discussed topics on the internet in the following days. Its incredible success during these tough times proves the immense popularity of video games, as well as other online entertainment forms such as movies, and online casino games.

FIFA 21 is going to feature in both PS5 and Xbox Series X

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Electronic Arts (EA) made use of the PS5 launch event to announce FIFA 21 is launching on the new console. The latest of the hugely-successful FIFA football game franchise, will also feature on PS5's competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The new Xbox console will also be launched in the later half of this year. 


FIFA 21 is expected to be released in October 2020, despite all the difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic. EA revealed some exciting new features in FIFA 21 tailor-made for the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As all of its predecessors, FIFA 21 will come with a graphics upgrade, which might seem unexciting to loyal fans. But when combined with the insane graphics capabilities that the next-gen consoles offer, the graphics update of FIFA 21 is expected to be a huge change to the gaming experience. The game even has exclusive versions on PS5 and Series X, due to high graphics requirements of these next-gen consoles.

EA have aimed to make the game as realistic as possible with every iteration, and FIFA 21 is expected to be no different. The game will have better lighting, more accurate players and stadiums images, improved sound effects and more realistic AI. EA also announced a loading speed upgrade, responding to a significant complaint from fans who play FIFA 20 on PS4. Other gameplay improvements were introduced, including with more realistic passing, shooting and non-controlled player actions.

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EA continues to improve gaming experience through in-game socializing

At EA’s own EA Play expo, which was also held virtually, the company said that they see socializing as a key part of gaming in the future, and are thus working towards bringing social elements into their games as well. For example, the streaming sites Twitch and Discord have become immensely popular for players to stream their games for others to watch, comment and interact with the player, all while the game is going on, and the company is thus putting a lot of effort into trying to create ways for players to interact with each other within their games itself, rather than needing to use third-party streaming sites.


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