Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare: Hackney Yard Decoding

Harin - Feb 19, 2021

Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare: Hackney Yard Decoding

In Multiplayer, Hackney Yard is the smallest fighting zone. Despite its size, you will find that the yard has plenty of depth.

Hackney Yard is an industrial park filled with rubbish. The roughly-rectangular map made its debut in the Beta of Modern Warfare.

Today, it is now a staple in the Modern Warfare Multiplayer rotation as well as one of the maps in the map pool of the Call of Duty League.

Let’s decode the Hackney Yard. Maybe some of these tips can help you to become a pro in the game.

It is stated that Hackney Yard is where the attacks of the Al-Qatala are planned. The neglected corner allowed them to store their contraband before their more aggressive missions.

On Day 0, the members arrive on the eastern side of the yard on a helicopter, ready to attack the Allegiance forces’ cargo van delivery coming from the west.

The yard is on the River Thames. During combat, you may see boats passing by.

White plastic waste bins, large cargo crates, and shipping containers are used as makeshift covers as well as climbing access points. You will also see a warehouse, an office, and a small tire shop that have all been locked down.

In Multiplayer, Hackney Yard is the smallest fighting zone. So no matter which game mode you choose, you are guaranteed fast gameplay.

Despite its size, you will find that the yard has plenty of depth. Its multiple buildings and three-lane structure deliver natural competitive flow.

1. Caravan

At first, the Allegiance’s spawn location looks like a transition area with quick access to the Warehouse, Dock Building, and Yellow Building.

Modern Warfare Hackney Yard
Hackney Yard: Caravan.

This area actually has a parkour spot that can be used to access the Dock Building. Players can climb on the brown cate. Next to it is the motor home that they can use to jump through the second-floor window of the building.

This movement technique is critical in wiping out enemies who want to take over this zone.

2. Yellow Building

While the building isn’t directly important, it offers views into the Warehouse, the Office as well as its Roof Top.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Maps
Hackney Yard: Yellow Building.

In the back of the building, you can find a staircase that will grant you access. However, be careful as this entryway could have traps. Another way to get into the building is to climb up the large shipping container right out the massive open window of the building.

Those who have high movement speed can jump towards the Warehouse from this cargo container to a small platform outside.

3. Dock Building

The two-story building is close to the main Dock Yard with plenty of objective importance. In Domination, it is the C flag location. In Cyber Attack, it is the initial location of Allegiance Data Center.

Call Of Duty New Maps
Hackney Yard: Dock Building.

On the first floor are three double-door entrances. There are also entryways via two second-floor windows. One is a direct bridge connecting to the Smokestack as well as the network of rooftops that overlook Cargo Land.

This is a popular spot for members of Allegiance to spread out on the rooftops and to the office.

4. Dock Yard

Some community members called this “Blue Van”. In specific objective game modes, this is another Allegiance members’ spawn point.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
Hackney Yard: Dock Yard.

This area is useful for attackers to target those trying to climb into the Dock Buildings.

The northwest corner has a small barrel as well as a blue van for taking cover. For those aiming for longshots, shooting an enemy taking cover behind the brick wall can count as a longshot kill.

A small tin shack creating a backward L shape is a solid cover-point for CQB (close-quarters-build) players.

5. Phonebooth

A broken red booth that is between the Warehouse and the Caravan. The area offers little cover. So it isn’t the best choice to run through here.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Pc
Hackney Yard: Phonebooth.

The Phonebooth consists of a few crates and barrels that can be used to climb up to reach the tin roofs.

6. Smokestack

At first, the location acts as the HQ spawn or the 3rd Hardpoint hill.

Hackney Yard: Smokestack.

However, it has various tin roofs for fantastic sightlines across Cargo Land to the eastern border of Hackney Yard.

There are some mantling spots that can help you access this network of roofs. You can also jump from the Office’s Roof Top.

7. Office

The two-story building with its surrounding outdoor areas covers most of the northern route of Hackney Yard. Its interior is for close-quarters engagements. Keep in mind that there are traps placed in the entrances of the building.

Cod Modern Warfare
Hackney Yard: Office.

On the second floor is a small window that allows snipers to shoot enemies. The exterior portion has an abandoned police vehicle.

8. Roof Top

Hackney Yard: Roof Top.

Accessible through the second floor of the Office, across roofs, or on wooden boxes.

9. Cargo Land

Cargo Land
Hackney Yard: Cargo Land.

The area is filled with closed cargo containers, suitable for close-quarters engagements.

10. Warehouse

Hackney Yard: Warehouse.

The massive building defines the southern route of Hackney Yard.

11. Fork Lift

Fork Lift
Hackney Yard: Fork Lift.

There are several barrels and wooden planks.

12. Red Truck

Red Truck
Hackney Yard: Red Truck.

Lies outside the warehouse’s eastside.

13. Road

Hackney Yard: Road.

A transition area between the three main lanes of Hackney Yard.

14. Parking

Hackney Yard: Parking.

A small parking area lies underneath a major motorway with a large white container.

15. Tire Shop

Tire Shop
Hackney Yard: Tire Shop.

A cramped two-story building.

16. Yellow Truck

Yellow Truck
Hackney Yard: Yellow Truck.

It can be useful for sharpshooters despite not being a popular sniping spot like the Tire Shop.

17. Abandoned Building

Abandoned Building
Hackney Yard: Abandoned Building.

The place offers sharpshooters a place to take refuge.

That is all you need to know about Hackney Yard.

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