CIA Is Going To Launch Its Own Instagram Page

Anil - Apr 23, 2019

CIA Is Going To Launch Its Own Instagram Page

"We try and be as open as we can, and to protect the secrets that we must protect,", said CIA Director.

After making a couple of presences on social networks like Facebook, CIA is planning to make a come on Instagram in the near future. For now, with millions of followers on Facebook and 2.5 million ones on Twitter, the CIA is in touch with the citizens by posting memes and sharing updates related to its organization and its plans. On the other hand, the CIA’s Twitter page appears to be mostly used to recruit new agents over the years.

The information was disclosed on Thursday, during a national security forum at Auburn University. While addressing a speech to the audiences, Director of CIA Gina Haspel discussed the challenge of trying to be transparent about the CIA’s activities and also confirmed that the CIA would soon launch an official Instagram page. However, it seems to be not everyone within the CIA is supportive of being active on social media.

The latest plan of this agency is something familiar for US federal agencies to keep up with social network. One of the famous names is the FBI, which already has an Instagram page. A spokesperson declined to comment further beyond Haspel’s remark. As of now, it remains unclear exactly by when would CIA’s official Instagram page could be released. However, those agencies want to share more, but do not expect it to spill any secret as well.


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