Apple's FaceTime Has A Bug Allowing People To Eavesdrop Your Phone

Harin - Jan 30, 2019

Apple's FaceTime Has A Bug Allowing People To Eavesdrop Your Phone

A major privacy flaw in Apple's FaceTime has been discovered which allows people to secretly eavesdrop on other users before they answer calls.

A serious privacy flaw which allows people to eavesdrop on others before they answer their calls has been discovered in Apple’s video chat product, Facetime.


Apparently, any Apple devices running Facetime like iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks will be affected.

This is a significant problem and an embarrassing situation for Apple, especially after the launching of the company’s campaign praising its privacy policies compared with its rivals such as Google.

The new came before Apple was expected to deliver its report on iPhone sales decline during the Holiday quarter.

The privacy bug was going viral on Twitter last Monday and was quickly reported by several Apple blogs including 9to5Mac. Some people were advising iPhone users on turning off FaceTime until this problem could be solved.

The bug allows FaceTime users to call one of the numbers in their contact list and listen to the recipient’s microphone before the other person actually picks up. This can be achieved by utilizing the feature “add a person” after dialing the contact’s number and adding in your number.

Moreover, a video feed will be sent to the caller if the receiver pushed the volume or the power button to dismiss the call.


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