Apple Launches Apple News Plus With Over 300 Magazines For $9.99/Month

Karamchand Rameshwar - Mar 26, 2019

Apple Launches Apple News Plus With Over 300 Magazines For $9.99/Month

Will this be the true upgrade to the previous Apple News news app?

During the Show Time event taking place at Steve Jobs Theater, Apple launched one of its new services. That's Apple News Plus, a comprehensive upgrade of the previous Apple News news app.

With Apple News Plus , users will not only read news online but will be able to read the world's leading magazines. The emphasis is on high quality, trust, and curation, all of which the company considers to be essential for a magazine and news app. There will be more than 300 magazines compiled in Apple News Plus such as Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Vogue News, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Esquire, and Men’s Health.

Photo 1 1553535626127403312340 These content will be displayed with high quality, from photos, designs to articles that are similar to a magazine. Apple also supports displaying a very attractive live photo cover. And all this content will be even more impressive when displayed on the screen of an iPad.

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If you register all magazine publications that Apple offers in Apple News Plus individually, it will take about 8,000 USD per year. However, if you subscribe to Apple News Plus, you will only need to pay a subscription fee of 9.99 USD / month (around Rs. 700) or $12.99 / month in Canada. Users can also share Apple News Plus subscription with their family members, with each different user being able to set their customizations and favorites.

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As user privacy has been a controversial topic recently, Apple stresses that it will neither track what users read with Apple News Plus nor give advertisers the ability to track them. “What you read in Apple News will not follow you across the web,” says Apple.

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The United States and Canada will be the first two countries to use Apple News Plus service, which will be available today via an update to Mac devices and iOS devices. Users will be able to try this service for free for the first month. The UK and Australia will be next in line in the fall of this year while users in other European countries have to wait a bit longer. Currently, it is unclear when India will be supported.


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