Apple Free TV Service Will Be Launched In Over 100 Countries

Author - Oct 24, 2018

Apple Free TV Service Will Be Launched In Over 100 Countries

Apple will launch its TV streaming service for free in over 100 countries and it's working to avoid R-rated shows.

Apple TV Shows

Plans for TV space of Apple is eventually getting a bit clearer. While the remaining questions were about the amount of content to be offered and what kind of quality to be brought, now we can see more clearly how the launch is going to happen. As reported by The Information, Apple’s original TV programming will be released in over 100 countries at the beginning of 2019.

It is confirmed that the Apple TV service to be launched will be free to iOS users. Although the service may have a lot of subscribers, Apple is well aware that there are catching-ups to do with the TV space. Therefore, it is likely a smart move to offer the TV original programming for free.

There is one obstacle that Apple may have to face which is R-rated content including drug use, violence and sex scenes. Last month, The Wall Street Journal stated that Tim Cook – Apple CEO – removed a show that poses offensive content, which is about Dr. Dre’s life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho r-rated

It was also reported by the Journal that entertainment team at Apple has to look through the Hollywood’s shows; agents and producers indicate that with a discharge of “Vital Signs”, Apple CEO wants shows with high-quality starring celebrities and bringing bring broad appeal, yet no profanity, violence or gratuitous sex.

Notably, this means Apple is shying away from some contents which are award winners namely Games of Thrones and The Sopranos from HBO. If the service is provided for free, there may not be so much for subscribers to complain about.



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