Apple Arcade Vs Google Play Pass: Which Service Is Better?

Dhir Acharya - Aug 08, 2019

Apple Arcade Vs Google Play Pass: Which Service Is Better?

Google and Apple will offer services that you can subscribe to with a single monthly fee for access to various apps, Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade.

Not everyone likes subscription, of course, we all like to pay a certain, low monthly fee for a full package of content, Netflix for example where you can enjoy all kind of stuff like documentaries, and even TV shows from the 90s.

Soon, Google and Apple will offer services that you can subscribe to with a single fee each month for access to various apps which previously cost you money to use individually. Additionally, at least with Apple, you can play games that can’t be found on other smartphone platforms.

Apple is launching its own gaming service

Both companies haven’t revealed full details of their new services with Google just testing the Play Pass. But as fall is coming with several smartphones gearing to heat up the market, the pair are competing to attract consumers to their own side. Now, we’ll put Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass in comparison, hopefully helping you choose the right service for yourself in the coming time.

Apple Arcade

Apple unveiled the Arcade earlier this year

This service may debut this September along with iOS 13 or this November, and its focus is on gaming.

While Apple hasn’t announced the service’s cost, it may start from $10 per month, which is quite the same for just Apple News+. This amount will also be competitive with other entertainment services such as Netflix, Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft, Google Stadia streaming service, PlayStation Now, Disney+, or Hulu.

As Apple is currently focusing on services which generate about 20 percent of its revenue and helps make up for the slow iPhone sales, a 10$ monthly fee sounds reasonable. If the price goes higher, a lot of gamers may not be ready to pay even if the games are exclusive and interesting.

Apple Arcade

The price is not likely to be lower either as Apple needs revenue and the company has always been known for its premium products and services. In marketing terms, a $5 fee makes the services appear not really fancy.

The most important reason to choose Apple Arcade is that it will save yours from annoying things like video ads and timers gating your gameplay. Maybe a $10 costs per month is not expensive after all, especially when developers begin making exclusive designs for such services.

Apple Arcade subscribers will get to enjoy the following titles which have been confirmed by the company as of now: Yaga, Winding Worlds, Where Cards Fall, UFO on Tape: First Contact, The Bradwell Conspiracy, The Pathless, The Arful Escape, Spidersaurs, Sonic Racing, Sneaky Sasquatch, Shantae 5, Repair, Projection: First Light, Overland, Ocenhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, No Way home, Monomals, Mr Turtle, Little Orpheus, Lifelike, Lego Brawls, Lego Arthouse, Kings of the Castle, Hot Lava, Hitchhiker, Frogger in Toy Town, Fantasian, Enter The Construct, Down in Bermuda, Doomsday Vault, Cardpocalypse, Box Project, Beyond a Street Sky, and Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree.

Apple hasn’t revealed other exclusive titles and the list will surely get longer as the company promised about 100 games at the service’s official launch.

Google Play Pass

Google is testing its own service

The latest news we’ve got was that Google is testing an app subscription service of its own and details remain hidden. The first and most important difference between the Play Pass and Arcade lies in the word “app”, not “game” like Apple’s service. This means the Play Pass will let you access more than games only. Google describes its service as:


The company hasn’t revealed what games and apps it will offer on the service, but according to screenshots of some app icons from Android Police, it looks like users will have access to titles existing in the Play Store, games such as Monument Valley, Terraria, and Stardew Valley.

Google Play Pass

These listed titles are available on iOS, which means Google doesn’t prioritize exclusivity. However, the company may still include some exclusive deals.

Regarding price, in the early test, Google lists the service at $5 per month, that means for the same amount of a single game like before, you will now get a library of games and apps. Furthermore, for an insignificant price difference between $5 and $10 cost, there’s a huge difference in terms of service. Beyond games, Google will offer apps, without any ads, IAPs, or other annoying things.

Wait for these services to launch before choosing the next smartphone to buy

If you’re thinking of buying a new smartphone, make sure you have included the choice of service in consideration. If you’re attracted by Google’s cheaper deal, you may want to go for the Pixel 4, but if you love Apple Arcade’s exclusivity, the next iPhone could be another great choice.

In the coming time, more details of these services as well as phones will get revealed, which will help you make a more thorough decision, but you should start thinking about factors now.


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