All The 100 Games Coming To Apple Arcade

Dhir Acharya - Oct 14, 2019

All The 100 Games Coming To Apple Arcade

On September 10, the iPhone maker officially announced the Apple Arcade, revealing more details about its game subscription service.

On September 10, Apple officially announced the Arcade, revealing more details about its game subscription service. Firstly unveiled in March, Apple Arcade will take a monthly cost of $4.99 and will offer more than a hundred new, exclusive games that you can play on your Apple TV, Mac, iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone.


Apple launched the Arcade ahead of schedule along with the launch of the public beta of iOS 13, featuring many games ready for users to play. Some of the major games are Shinsekai: Into the Depths, Where Cards Fall, and The Enchanted World. The service became available in over 150 countries on 19 last month.

And coming with iOS 13.1 was iPadOS, which means the Arcade should be accessible on all promised devices now. Below are all the games included in the service we know so far.

Agent Intercept

Agent Intercept Ios Artwork Key Artwork Compressed

The player will become an elite agent to try and save the world while avoiding danger using a high-tech spy vehicle.

The Artful Escape

Maxresdefault Compressed

This game was first announced in 2017, it’s about a musician called Francis Vendetti who is on a journey to self-discovery.

Assemble With Care

0 Assemble With Care Key Art Compressed

In this game, users will play as an antique restorer named Maria. She will not only save physical objects but will also find ways to solve other issues around her.

Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree

Maxresdefault 1

Here, you will explore beautifully rendered worlds in a hand-drawn game, discover secrets, take on enemies, as well as make decisions that’ll give you one of the endings.

Ballistic Baseball


The game highlights the intense battle happening between the batter and the pitcher.

Battle Sky Brigade: Harpooner

1024x1024bb Compressed

Beyond the Blue

Dims Compressed 1

In this game, players will become Mirai who leads a newly formed research team. Mirai will dive and experience the ocean using high-speed techs. They will also have to make high-stakes choices on their way.

Beyond a Steel Sky

2 Compressed

In this sci-fi point-and-click game, users will be Robert Foster, a protagonist, engineer, to navigate the terrain.

Big Time Sports

Maxresdefault 2

In this game, players will run, slam-dunk, and pole-vault without breaking a sweat.

Bleak Sword

Maxresdefault 3

This is a dark fantasy action game.

Box Project


This game remains unrevealed, except for this picture.

The Bradwell Conspiracy


In this narrative-driven first-person game, you will go and uncover the truth about the explosion destroying the facility of Bradwell Electronics.

Card of Darkness

A3590539829 10 Compressed

In this card-based puzzle game, you will experience with hand-drawn characters.


Maxresdefault 4 Compressed

Through card games, players will defeat monsters who have been kidnapping students.

Cat Quest II

Cat Quest 2 Review Compressed

In this open-world action RPG, you will play as a dog or a cat, going on quests to defeat monsters to make your kingdom peaceful.

ChuChu Rocket

Chuchurocket Universe 09 11 19 Compressed

This game will include a multiplayer mode as well as hundreds of fresh 3D puzzles.

Cricket Through the Ages

Cricket Through The Ages Screen 6 Compressed

This game requires you to trace the lineage along the cricket’s history. It seems that the game has levels so you can play variations of cricket as soldiers in World War I, medieval knights, cavemen, as well as other traditional variations. You may also see aliens and astronauts on the way.

Crossy Road Castle

Maxresdefault 5 Compressed

This one is for those who love nostalgic platform games like Frogger and Mario.

Dead End Job

Ss Ef98dcb00847ee8076f4029bd3d7c506995a8abc Compre

In this game, users will be the cleaner Hector Plasm to Blast ghosts using a plasma blaster, sucking them into a vacuum pack.

Dear Reader

2019 09 20 Image 10 Compressed


5 Compressed

Players of this game will build robots and come up with a battle plan for fighting with them.

Dodo Peak

Image 162291 Compressed

In this game, you will be a dodo bird and have to save the eggs as they have rolled out of the nest. Collect coins, avoid obstacles and unlock more dodos to get the eggs home safely.

Don’t Bug Me

Maxresdefault 6

Doomsday Vault


It looks like in this game, you will be a small robot in a vast wasteland.

Down in Bermuda


Many details about this game remain unknown, but from the poster, it looks like users will play as an explorer to traverse an island. You may encounter a sea monster.

Dread Nautical

7 Compressed

This game is described as a “turn-based tactical strategy.”

Earth Night

8 Compressed

In this 2D action game, your reflexes will be tested and you will have to avoid obstacles as a 14YO photographer to navigate the dragon-infested skies and save the world.

The Enchanted World

The Enchanted World Screenshot 02 Compressed

Players are required to help a fairy heal a magical world that dark forces have torn apart.

Enter the Construct


There are not many details about the game, but it looks like a more mature sci-fi shooting game.

Exit the Gungeon

Wbvchbf8rxqn6ci6rsdkaf Compressed

In this game, you will be a gungeoneer carrying changeable weapons, ways to dodge-and-roll and loot. You have to fight the Gundead as well as escape through shifting rooms.


Websitebanner Compressed

Here, you will be Captain K.I.T, teaming up with a group of friends to fight K.L.A.W, an evil organization, to save the world.



There hasn’t been much detail about the game yet.

Fledgling Heroes

Fh2 Compressed

A Fold Apart

A Fold Apart Nintendo Switch Art 666x374

This game is about long-distance relationships.

Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger Featured 750x400

In the game, you will play as Frogger and navigate through roads.

The Get Out Kids

Maxresdefault 7

This is a supernatural game your whole family can play.


Grindstone Keyart Swarm 2500 Compressed

Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler




In this game, you will be the hitchhiker who doesn’t remember your destination or identity. You will get clues from the driver and the road.

Hot Lava


Eight players can join the game at the same time, you and your family members can surf, climb, jump, and run to avoid the lava ground.

HyperBrawl Tournament

3 Compressed



This creepy game lets you play as three characters that are connected. You are required to explore a castle, avoid being detected, as well as defeat enemies to escape from evil.

Jenny LeClue

5 Compressed

This is a thriller-adventure-mystery game in which you are Jenny, who carries the mission to uncover the mystery about her mother who is accused of murder.

King’s League II


In this game, you have to build a team and lead your teammates to victory.

Kings of the Castle


This game is more family-friendly.

Lego Arthouse

Lego Arthouse Featured 800 445 Compressed

Players of this game will explore how people lose their creativity as they get older.

Lego Brawls


This 4v4 game offers countless ways for you to create your character. You will encounter new goals, new challenges, as well as power-ups such as a hot dog stand, a jet pack, a snake car, a money gun, and a pie launcher.


Apple Arcade Lifelike Game On Iphone 1 Compressed

It remains unclear how this game works but the animation looks pleasing.



Players of this game will travel on a paper airplane through the journey of life.

Little Orpheus

10 Compressed

It seems that the game will include a journey to the Earth’s center. And according to its developer’s Twitter account, there may be a Soviet-style vehicle mounted with a drill bit.

Mind Symphony


This game is meant to influence your emotional and mental aspects, aiming to make you feel better. In Release Mode, your enemy will attack in time with the soundtrack while in Calm Mode, you have to match the timing of the main melodic point.

Mini Motorways


This game includes drawing roads to build a city.



This game is fun, colorful, and family-friendly. You are required to catch creatures called Monomals by playing music into the ocean. There will be social features that allow you to create music of your own and share it with friends.

Manifold Garden

13 Compressed

The game involves architecture, geometry, and gravity. It’s described as “a first-person exploration game with reimagined physics.”



This game is about the repetitiveness of our daily life. In this game, some change will take place, shaking your world.

Murder Mystery Machine




In the game, you will encounter a set of strange characters. You are required to customize a garden of your own to soothing musical soundscapes but there will definitely be dramatic twists and turns.

Neo Cab


Players of the game will be the last only human taxi driver left in a world taken over by automation.

Nightmare Farm


No Way Home


Except for this image, there hasn’t been much revealed.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Oceanhorn 2 Compressed

This game may sometimes look familiar if you have played Monster of the Uncharted Sea before.

Operator 41




Over the Alps


This game will include adventure, actions, yodeling, goats, and spying.


10 Compressed

In this game, you are required to collect supplies, fight creatures, as well as rescue survivors.

Pac-Man Party Royale


There is now a 4-player mode in which the last Pac-Man to stand is the winner.

Painty Mob


The Pathless

12 Compressed

You will be an archer, going in a misty beautiful forest, to break a curse that has plagued the land with darkness. Alongside your eagle companion, you are given the mission of hunting evil spirits, exploring the forest, solving puzzles and fighting battles.



In this game, players will rely on visual clues for solving the puzzle with each pattern starting as a sketch. The more assembled the pattern gets, the more lively it gets.




Possessions Keyart05

Players of this game are required to look at objects from various angles till they appear to be in the right spot.

Pinball Wizard


This one may be suitable for those who love Pinball on Windows 98.

Projection: First Light


In this game, players will control light and solve puzzles.



In this game, players will not build a house or a city, but they will instead model the brain. The website says that players can store memories as well as millions of interconnected concepts.

Punch Planet

Screenshot Iphone55 001 620x350 Compressed

This game is described as a “Sci-Fi 2D fighter,” allowing up to 8 characters with classic versus modes and multiplayer options.

Rayman Mini

Rayman Mini Keyart 1920x1080 1 1024x576

In the game, you will use plants, mushrooms, and insects to run through the world the most quickly possible, trying to achieve the highest score.

Red Reign

Red Reign

Not much information has been revealed about this game.

Redout: Space Assault


This is a futuristic racing game.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

19 Compressed

This game is about a woman whose heart is broken. Each level becomes harder than the one before with more motorcycle and laser battles.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

20 Compressed

In the game, players will explore a gigantic sunken city as well as fight the Seven Sirens in a thrilling adventure.

Shinsekai Deep Sea

21 Compressed

This game lets you become a diver to navigate through the dark sea, you have to pay attention to the oxygen levels as well as unfriendly creatures.

Shock Rods


This is a 6v6 free game where players can customize, equip their vehicles to dominate with nitros and double jumps, etc.

Skate City


Using the touchscreen, the game mimics the movements of a skater in the real world to do over 32 tricks. Players can also customize their characters as well as explore the weather system and the dynamic time of day to make sure they always skate in perfect conditions.

Sneaky Sasquatch


From this picture, it appears that bigfoot is driving a car, staling coolers. The game looks colorful and family-friendly.

Sonic Racing

25 Compressed

Apple hasn’t revealed much about this game, but you can surely expect the iconic character.



This game will give you a tactical hyperspace adventure.

Speed Demons


This is another racing game.



This is a perspective game.




30 Compressed

From this picture, it looks like you will kill a T-Rex with spider legs.



This game is still under development so there’s not much to talk about.

Stellar Commanders


This is a multiplayer, real-time strategy game.

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light


This game is based on the original show on Cartoon Network. Players can choose Gems for their party, open locks for abilities as well as change costumes.

Stranded Sails


Super Impossible Road


This game will come to the Arcade later this year, in which you will race futuristic pods on a space-based course. You can also customize the pod to play with other people.

Tangle Tower

643x0w 1

Things That Go Bump



36 Compressed

In this game, you are required to mix watercolors to match the given colored origami paper.

Towaga: Among Shadows


This single-player action game will turn you into Chimù to protect the temple of Towaga from evil.

UFO on Tape: First Contact


Not much has been revealed about this game, but it looks amazing, showing that the game involves alines.

Various Daylife

39 Compressed

According to Apple, this game is set in the year 211, Imperial Era, when you explore a new continent while living in the city of Erebia.

Way of the Turtle


This game seems family-friendly with cute and colorful animation.

What the Golf?


This parody game is for users who hate golf. According to the site, players can “golf horses” as well as join “epic golf boos fights.”

Where Cards Fall


The game promises a dreamlike journey throughout youthful uncertainty. Players can build or collapse cards in this game, which the developers have used for a clever metaphor.

Winding Worlds


This game is described as colorful, dreamy, puzzle-adventure, about acceptance and friendship.

Word Laces




This game adapts to the choices you make. You will be Ivan who is under the curse with bad luck. In his journey, Ivan meets giant chickens and bears in battles, or that’s what you can tell from its images.


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