An Instagram Guru Needs To Know These 5 Essential Tricks

Anil - Apr 06, 2019

An Instagram Guru Needs To Know These 5 Essential Tricks

Keep these tips and become an Instagram guru on your own.

To the Millennials, Instagram is getting more and more attractive and even addictive. The developer squad of Instagram also continues to enhance its photo-sharing app day by day to expand the popularity little by little. If you are still unaware of these new tools, so keep reading the article to get the tricks and tips below and become an Instagram guru.

1. Voice Messages

Instagram Vm

This feature gives you eligibility to send your own voice messages and you will no longer need to type out a number of texts if you found it trouble.

How to use: A mic icon appears at the below in your chat box, just hold the icon for a while then speak out your voice messages. Now, Instagram will record it and offer you 2 options: sending it to your friend or deleting the contemporary record.

2. Video Calling

Whatsapp Video Calling Teaser 001

Now it’s interesting to communicate with your friends and brings all of you many engaging moments.

How to use: Click the video icon at the right corner on the top of your chat box and start a video call.

3. Mute People

Feed Mute 3 Up Profile En

If someone makes you feel annoyed because he/she posts too many pictures which you find bored with, then mute this account.

How to use: All you need to do is open his account page, tap on the three-dot icon on the right corner and click the “Mute” button. Luckily, Instagram will not disclose him about your action.

4. Clear Search History

Instagram Clear Search History 2

Have you ever been worried when your friend lent your phone? Yes, it’s absolutely an awkward moment if he/she knows that you’ve stalked your ex or frenemy secretly. Now you can easily clear your private search history on Instagram.

How to use: In your profile page, go to Setting, find the Search History, then hit the “Clear” button. You’re safe right now, thanks to Instagram.

5. Add music to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Music

Stories will be more engaging with both photos/videos and music. Let add your own favorite song into the stories.

How to use: Click on the folded smiley after selecting a photo/video, then tap the Music sticker given and choose your song.


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