50 Countries Vowed To Fight Cybercrimes - No US, China And Russia

Karamchand Rameshwar - Nov 14, 2018

50 Countries Vowed To Fight Cybercrimes - No US, China And Russia

50 countries along with many tech companies have vowed to together fight the cybercrimes on the Internet, but US, China and also Russia said no to this program.

On Monday, more than 150 companies in the tech industry and 50 nations have together vowed to commit to fighting the Internet cybercrimes, including hate speech and interference in elections. But unfortunately, three of the biggest countries in both population and economy, the US, China, and Russia, did not join the party. They are probably the three countries with the strongest tech industries in the world.


Prime Minister of Canadian, Justin Trudeau, meets the French President, Emmanuel Macron, at the Paris Peace Forum in Paris, on 11 Nov 2018

This initiative was unveiled a day after many world leaders came to Paris for the end of WWI's centenary.

A lot of companies and governments have vowed in a signed document to prevent cybercrimes and also malicious activities, for examples, trade secrets’ theft or online censorship.

The program got a lot of support from Japan, EU countries and also Canada along with tech giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft as well.

The President of French, Emmanuel Macron, said at the Internet Governance Forum that everyone has to act quickly to keep the Internet under control.

He also revealed that one of the biggest social media platform, Facebook, accepted the request to let French officials see how the company monitors as well as remove content relating to hate speech.



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