48 Google Employees Have Been Sacked Over Sexual Harassment

Jyotis - Oct 26, 2018

48 Google Employees Have Been Sacked Over Sexual Harassment

48 Google employees have been sacked in only two years. 13 of them are senior managers or above.

Over the recent two years, up to 48 Google employees have been sacked. The New York Times uncovered that on behalf of Google, CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to show the search giant would surely apply the appropriate punishment to the ones who have been reported about sexual harassment or misconduct.


The Google CEO also ensured Google always brought the nice workplace for its employees. The company didn’t deny the NYT’s story that its 3 managers were fired with the high exit packages.

One of the three men is Any Rubin – the father of Android. After investigating the incident a female employee accused him of the sexual harassment, Google confirmed it was true and required Rubin left his current job.

Until now, in only two years, Google has fired up to 48 employees; of which, 13 people work as senior managers or above.  All of them have lost their jobs without the exit package, but Any Rubin and the two other men.

Google has proved its fairness and transparency in handling violations in the workplace. However, it may be due to being afraid of the abovementioned three men’s influence, it still pays the generous severance package for them.

Considering the case of Any Rubin, he has received $90 million from Google. Since 2014 to now, Rubin has been paid around $2 million per month. The Google CEO Larry Page also appreciated Rubin’s contribution during his working time.

Google promises that it will always bring an ideal working environment to all of its employees and handle every violation if any.


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