With 38 Hackings For Every Second, India Became Hackers' Second Most-Targeted Country

Harin - Apr 26, 2019

With 38 Hackings For Every Second, India Became Hackers' Second Most-Targeted Country

With over 120 crore attacks on users' accounts in 2018, India only came second to the US among the top countries for hacking attempts across the world.

When wandering around on the Internet, you always have to stay alert and be careful of scammers and hackers who try to rip you off.

Well, it seems like if you are residing in India, you will need to be extra careful with your information online. That is because India was hackers' second most targeted country in 2018.

Akamai Technologies’ latest ‘State of the Internet/security’ report suggested that with more than 120 attacks on accounts of Indian users in 2018, the country was only behind the US in the list. For each attack, it was either a bot or a person trying to use a stolen username and password to log into an account.

Email Password Hack

Canada came in third, but both India and Canada were far behind the US in terms of the volume of attacks. The credential stuffing was the main focus of the survey. This is a term used when a hacker logs into accounts manually or using a bot.

These stolen details are usually from dark web or large-scale data breaches.

The US suffered 1,252 crore hack attempts last year, which is much more significant than the 120 crore attacks of India and 102 crore attacks of Canada.

The compromised accounts were from all kinds of platforms, from social media to streaming service, to gaming, and retail. And all of these were verified accounts since they could bring in more money on the black market.

The video media sector suffered from around 20 crore attacks. The report said:


Hackers don’t hack any account specifically, but instead, they want to compromise databases with users’ information and then sell them in bulk.


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