WhatsApp Allows Users To Control Who Can Add Them To Groups

Anita - Apr 10, 2019

WhatsApp Allows Users To Control Who Can Add Them To Groups

To stop the misinformation spreading, WhatsApp launches a new feature to allow users to control how they engage with groups.

WhatsApp has announced a new control which let users control who is able to add them to a group. According to VentureBeat, the application allows users to prevent people from adding them to groups even when they are not included in the address book. Instead, users are able to block anyone from adding them or leave the option open to all.

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This new feature is a part of various changes that WhatsApp is introducing to prevent spreading misinformation. According to a BBC report, before the elections of Brazil last year, political campaigners used the software to add a number of people to WhatsApp groups for political motivation without their consent. Now, these similar practices are widely spreading in India.

WhatsApp has also limited the times that a message is forwarded to 5, in addition to labeling the message forwarded to draw the attention to it. This service introduced the Indian market a new feature for checking the fact that its users can take advantage of it to check the honesty of messages they have received.

For who did restrict who can add them to groups can still be added by private invitation. Accordingly, they will get a link that offers standard information about any groups they have got an invitation to join, and are able to decide to join or not. A page for WhatsApp support also noted that the only way users can do is to block admin of the group if they never want to be added to that group anymore.

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To update this new feature, people need to follow these steps: Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. This offers users 3 options including Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. The new feature in group controls of WhatsApp began to launch on April 3 and will roll out to the global market in the upcoming weeks.


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