Viber Claims To Be The First App To Hold 1 Billion Members In A Group Chat

Indira Datta - Dec 01, 2018

Viber Claims To Be The First App To Hold 1 Billion Members In A Group Chat

Viber has made an announcement that it is introducing a new feature that allows up to 1 billion members in a group chat.

Viber continues to introduce new features to provide users with more functionality than its rivals. Viber has announced that it is capable of holding up to 1 billion members in a group chat. We still cannot check on that, but if it is true Viber will be the first application that can provide group chat with up to 1 billion users.


In fact, we are wondering if there will ever be a group chat with 1 billion people, it will be quite a challenge to follow the messages. On the other hand, if for some reason, someone needs this feature, this is still a useful one. According to Viber, this new update also has a monetization feature that allows owners of the "Community" group chat to earn revenue as the number of group chat members increases.

Viber allows all users to create groups of up to 1 billion members for all purposes. Now, any clubs, groups, fan clubs and people with similar interests like sports, games, and travel can comfortably make friends and talk to each other without worrying that the number of members will be limited.  This feature is not the same as the regular group chat, the "Communities" have their own advanced features.

These are distinctive features of "Communities":

Unlimited number: With the maximum number of participants in public communities of 1 billion, it is almost limitless.

One click to join the group: Members who want to join the group just need to click on a link to join the group chat "Communities."

Unlimited history viewing: All new or existing members joining "Communities" group will be able to see the full history of the conversation.

Pinned messages: Admin of the "Communities" group can pin a message to the top of the group for everyone to see. This helps many groups to notice the rules of the group better.

Currently across the US, there are quite a few Viber Communities in operation including OneDrive digital content rental service from which they can manage local book clubs monitored by libraries.

Viber Communities will be available in the latest update in both Google Play and the App Store, compatible with all iOS and Android devices.


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