Twitter Just Pays $1.40 For Its CEO Last Year, No Compensation

Anil - Apr 09, 2019

Twitter Just Pays $1.40 For Its CEO Last Year, No Compensation

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey is paid less than 2 dollars a year.

Though Twitter is considered as the second valuable social network platform in the world, it has gone behind Facebook in term of annual revenue. While Facebook is networking people, the tweets-platform connects ideas and topics. The platform is more favorable with users due to its limitation of advertisement as well. Surprisingly, Twitter co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey has led his own business with an unbelievable salary that we’ve never ever figured out.

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In fact, Dorsey has taken home a symbolic salary for 3 years.

According to CNET, last year Dorsey just took home a salary package of $1.40, and he declined any compensation or benefits. In a filing with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), Twitter said that Dorsey’s decision was based on his own commitment and belief in potential Twitter’s long-term value.

In addition, this was the first time Dorsey has drawn a salary from Twitter, but he has returned to the helm of the site in 2015. In Silicon Valey, a minimal paycheck has become fairly popular over the past years. We can address some prominent figures opting for a symbolic salary such as Google’s squad Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt; Apple’s Steve Jobs; Oracle’s Larry Ellison and so on.

It’s safe to say that Dorsey’s salary from Twitter might be doubled to $2.80, well, thanks to the latest plan of doubling characters in a “tweet” from 140 to 280 ones at maximum. In fact, his future income will just be eligible to buy a gallon of gasoline in case the price stays the same.

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Dorsey's assets are not only an annual salary or compensation from Twitter.

Though receiving one dollar and 400 cents a year from the company, his net worth is reported to reach $5.5 billion. Apart from Twitter, Dorsey is also undertaking the same position in mobile payment company Square Inc., which he has built up and kept it working since 2015.


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