TikTok Announces New Safety Measures For Users From India

Harin - Apr 03, 2019

 TikTok Announces New Safety Measures For Users From India

TikTok has launched a localized version of its Safety Center to equip users with product education and protection measures when using the app.

TikTok, the oh so popular social video app from China has implemented some safety measures in both China and the US. Now, India is the next country. A localized version for its Safety Center has been launched. This is a local website containing safety resources, tools and policies to provide users with protection measures as well as product education when using TikTok.

According to the company, the Safety Center will be in 10 major Indian languages. Besides its guidelines, it is also linked to two resources pages dealing with AntiBullying and an advisory for the General Elections that are coming.


With this new localized website, Indian users can better understand different online safety features and settings in their chosen language to keep themselves safe. As the website has an emphasis on the importance of strong passwords and avoiding using personal information, users can also know how to keep their accounts private.

Moreover, they also learn how to use the Restricted Mode which lets users restrict content that might be inappropriate. There is also a Digital Wellness feature which can be used to limit screen time.

Speaking about this, director for Global Public Policy, Helena Lersch, said:


Recently, TikTok has also launched a comments filter feature for users to stop hateful, obscene, and predatory comments from showing up on their videos. With this feature, users can define keywords in Hindi and English that they want to be filtered out from their comment section. Users can add up to 30 words. And based on their preference or when they feel the need to, they can change the words.


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