Apple's USB-C Drives Queen's Guitarist Brian May Angry

Indira Datta - Nov 23, 2018

Apple's USB-C Drives Queen's Guitarist Brian May Angry

Brian May recently posted a long complaint on his Instagram account about how Apple's USB-C adapters were easily bent.

A well-known musician, co-founder of the famous Queen band in 1970, guitarist Brian May had a long complaint to Apple about USB–C problem on his Instagram account.

Brian May

Perhaps Brain May was very upset with this incident, he gave a very long post with a curved USB-C port photo on Wednesday, in which he stated:


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Brian's picture on Instagram

Queen is the group that performs the world famous song We Are The Champions, but maybe right now May is not a champion with Apple. He complained to Apple about having to carry a lot of adapters everywhere and spend a lot of money on new ones. He criticized Apple's decision to replace the magnetic charger cable MagSafe. The USB-C switch was bent when he tried to move his laptop from side to side while charging.

Griffin’s magnetic breakaway charging cable comes to the rescue

He said:


And the portal is bent as shown in the photo. According to him, the USB-C became useless when he tried to move.

Apple has not said anything about this yet. Brain May's representative said he would say no further after posting this on Instagram.

Many Instagram users also showed empathy. Within just two hours of posting on Instagram, May received more than 42,00 likes along with hundreds of comments.

Justin Niemi commented that this integration was a sadness.

Many commentators advised May to avoid using the USB-C.

Kurt Menezes said that instead of buying new Macs on the market today, he tried to find the MacBook 2016 to avoid problems with integrated ports and other features.

According to Rossana Rocha, the idea that switching to Android is the best solution and he will not miss Apple devices.

However, many people do not think switching to Android is a good idea.

Janis Long said that he was suffering from the same problem with Android devices.

May's complaint is just in time that Apple announced last month to remove the exclusive Lighting port from the iPad Pro and replace it with USB-C.

Stephen Shankland - CNET's correspondent, has recently said that USB-C is turning its technology into a secure and simpler in the future.

There are too many cables and dongles at the moment, which creates a gap between old and new generations of devices, according to Shankland.


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