Here Are Some Questions That You May Face In A Reliance Jio Interview

Anil - Apr 22, 2019

Here Are Some Questions That You May Face In A Reliance Jio Interview

"Why do you want to work for Reliance Jio?"

Reliance Jio is becoming a prominent player and taking a vital role in the Indian telecom market. Without a doubt, it’s clearly a workplace with many lofty ambitions that many job seekers want to work at. If you are interested in a job at Reliance Jio, you may find it useful with those questions asked by the company. According to various candidates who have been joined interviews there, here are some detailed questions which you may be asked in a few job positions.

1. "What would you do if you’re given a million dollar?"

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Position: Intern

"Millions of dollars" questions are quite familiar with the interviewees not only in Reliance Jio but also several corporations.

2. "How will you promote Reliance Jio on social media?"

Reliance Jio Twitter

Position: Intern

Well, the company seems to test your analyzing ability with this question.

3. "What are the latest technologies being used in the IT industry?"

Position: Intern, Engineer

The technology of 5G, isn't it?

4. "Who is the owner of Reliance Jio?"

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Position: Fresher

Of course, the famous tycoon of Reliance Industry. To be more specific, Mukesh Ambani.

5. "Is Reliance Jio a telecom company?"

Position: Intern, Human Resources Trainee

So, why not?

6. "Why do you want to work for Reliance Jio?"

Position: Software Engineer

It absolutely depends on your unique thought.

7. "Will a Tesla car be useful for the Indian market?"


Position: Engineer

I don't know exactly how does a Tesla automobile cost, but the ballpark figure is unlikely to be affordable.

8. "Who has inspired you in your life and why?"

Position: Engineer

Here's another most popular interviewing question.

9. "What is your most special quality?"

Position: Software Trainee

10. "What Android app will you make for the campus?"

Profile: Engineer

11. "Describe your most happy emotions in your own words, in Hindi."

Position: Customer Care Executive

12. 'What is the difference between a leader and a manager?"

Position: Graduate Engineer

13. "Why is 4G faster than 3G?"

Position: Graduate Engineer

14. "What is the difference between 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G?"

Position: RF Engineer

15. "What are the specifications of the smartphone you’re using?"

Position: Engineer

16. "Which is the best smartphone in the market under Rs 20,000?"

Position: Network Engineer

17. "Why is cloud computing better than storing files locally?"

Position: Assistant Manager


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