Google May Release 'Speed Badging' To Address Slow-Loading Sites

Anil - Nov 12, 2019

Google May Release 'Speed Badging' To Address Slow-Loading Sites

Google found a new way to 'punish' sluggish sites if they set users back too long to load content in Chrome.

There’re many annoying things that still go on out there, and a website with slow-loading time will never be out of the list of our distastes when wandering in the digital world. We’ve been patient with such sites year by year, but this may not be continuous in the future anymore. Google seems aware of that issue when it recently announced a plan to name and shame any site if it set users back too long to load its content in Chrome.

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To iterate, this year’s Chrome Developer Summit once talked up about the importance of the web speed. As such, speeding up the website is an inevitable work for not only Google but also third-party developers – owners of those sites. As part of the plan, Google offered them its tools to enhance the make their content load quicker. What’s more, the internet giant will also label sluggish sites to notify developers about the current speed quality as well as suggest them to resolve insofar as they’re willing to do.


As a matter of fact, Google will flag a site if it appears to consume too long to load its content. The company added that developers are responsible for such problems, but sometimes this happens because of either users’ devices or their internet connection. As for fast-loading sites, they’re about to get “speed badging”, which is synonymous with the positive review from Google.

In addition to this, Google is also experimenting with more methods to address the longstanding problem. For instance, the Chrome progress bar might automatically change its color to reflect the site’s speed.


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