Facebook Improves Memorialized Accounts

Ravi Singh - Apr 13, 2019

Facebook Improves Memorialized Accounts

The update gives legacy contacts the ability to moderate posts shared in the new tributes section.

On 9 April, Facebook announced a new feature to help family members and friends memorialize deceased users of this social network. According to Facebook's post, every month, there are over 30 million users visiting memorialized profiles “to post stories, commemorate milestones and remember those who have passed away”. For that reason, a separate tab is created on memorialized profiles.

Sheryl Sandberg said:


A memorialized account is served as a place for family and friends to share thoughts and memories of those users who have deceased. This account, otherwise, is secured to avoid logging in by anyone.

Legacy Contacts

In 2015, an option was added to let users make a list of “legacy contact” entitled to manage their accounts after they pass away. In advanced, Facebook currently gives those “legacy contact” more authorities to control the memorialized accounts. Family members and friends who are responsible for taking over these accounts can still change the profile pictures and cover photos, or write pinned posts. In addition, they have the responsibility to moderate posts shared to Tributes by choosing who can post and see posts.

Application of AI

It also develops artificial intelligence that will prevent the deceased’s profile from popping up in the ways considered as "painful", like sending friends birthday reminders. Sandberg said:


Sandberg also stated that all of the mentioned changes are adoptions of feedback from those of different cultural backgrounds, religions.


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