Apple Comes Up With Software Update To Counter Chinese Ban

Harin - Dec 15, 2018

Apple Comes Up With Software Update To Counter Chinese Ban

Some of Apple’s older iPhones were banned by the Chinese government over its licensing battle with Qualcomm Inc. Therefore, the Cupertino giant is coming up with a software update to counter with the Chinese ban. In its statement sent to Reuters, the company said that it will release software updates to resolve this issue. If this is approved by the courts, Apple can continue marketing its iPhones which were previously affected by the ban including the 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X.

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Apple was recently accused of alleged infringement of two patents from Qualcomm in China, which were related to applications management and pictures resize.

When there is an announcement on the ban, Apple said to CNBC that its most recent software, iOS 12 does not violate those patents. If this claim is true, the company only has to release a software update for all the affected iPhone to reverse the ban. A reconsideration request from Apple has been filed to the Chinese courts.

However, if Qualcomm has its own way, it’s unlikely for Apple to resolve this ongoing battle with Qualcomm, which according to Apple’s claims is wanting a settlement. Yesterday, the chipmaker company requested for another order from the courts to ban iPhone XS and XR sales. These two models are pre-installed with iOS 12, the software version which Apple claims that doesn’t infringe with the Qualcomm’s patents.

The Apple and Qualcomm controversy in China is just one part of the occurrent legal battle between these two companies. Previously, Qualcomm already made an attempt to ban iPhones in the United States. The company even accused the Cupertino giant of stealing Qualcomm’s source code and shared it with Intel, the company’s rival. On the other hand, Apple also accused Qualcomm of overcharging for its patents.

Based on the heated relationship between these two companies, it is almost impossible that Qualcomm will agree with just a simple software update. But ultimately, the decision is still in the hand of the Chinese courts.


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