Apple Removes A Religious App Offending Homosexuals

Indira Datta - Jan 01, 2019

Apple Removes A Religious App Offending Homosexuals

Apple removed the religious application from the App Store that describes homosexuality as "sin", "sickness" and "addiction".

A gay rights organization filed a notice to Apple reporting an application that it claims to aim at converting homosexuals to heterosexuals through Christian prayer. This application on App Store has obviously insulted LGBT community. Apple later removed the app.

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On Thursday, a gay rights group called Truth Wins Out raised a petition about removing the application developed by Living Hope Ministries. This is a group of self-proclaimed Christians, saying that they help those who seek the fullness of sexuality and relation by coming closer to Jesus Christ.

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Ricky Chelette, director of the Christian website, said that his organization acts as the disciples of Jesus and it is likely to be organized almost the same as a church. He told NBC News that his organization only helps people who were seeking them.

Truth Wins Out said that this app has reached out to young people from the LGBTQ+ community and claimed that they can turn gay people to straight through therapy and prayer.

On Sunday, NBC announced that after the gay rights group spoke up, Apple removed the religious application from the App Store. According to Truth Wins Out, this app describes homosexuality as "sin," "sickness" and "addiction." Up to this point, this application has been in operation for 3 years.

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Wayne Besen, Executive Director at Truth Wins Out

Since Thursday, Truth Wins Out's petition has attracted 356 followers.

After checking and confirming, Apple officially removed the Christian application from the App Store. Wayne Besen, Executive Director at Truth Wins Out, thanked Apple for being responsible, giving an excellent example of what technology companies should do to protect human rights.

He also claimed the ex-gay programs were deceptive and intentionally harmful to people who really need help. The company is always ready to carry out the fight against misconduct and insult, eliminating dangerous and degrading dangerous applications of people in the LGBTQ + community. The gay rights group sent thanks to technology giant Apple and CEO Tim Cook for doing the right thing.

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Ricky Chelette

On Mr. Chelette's side, he did not receive any notice of removing his application from the App Store. He also said his team will challenge Apple's decision. He argued that the gay rights group misunderstood and did not know his work. Chelette insists his organization is not a hostile group to the gay community and he loves homosexual people.

Chelette objected to the accusations from Truth Wins Out that his group encouraged gay people to be converted to heterosexuals.

Chelette also said that he felt same-sex attraction in 1980, but after having an experience with Christ, his life was changed entirely. His team has worked for a very long time to help those who have a contradiction between their emotions and their faith.

Meanwhile, Apple hasn't released any comment after removing the application of Living Hope Ministries.


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