A Handful Of Much-Needed Upgrades Come To Skype

Anil - Sep 03, 2019

A Handful Of Much-Needed Upgrades Come To Skype

As of now, it will be easier for you to keep in touch with your friends on Skype.

Most people normally see Skype as an app for free video calls, rather than a messaging app like iMessage and WhatsApp. But this now needs to be reconsidered. Recently, Skype, a company owned by Microsoft, has released several new features, making Skype more versatile than just a messaging app. Users can now save draft messages, show numerous photos and videos, preview multimedia files and more.  

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Any message that was typed, but wasn't sent, is saved and labeled with a [draft] tag.
New features will be available on Skype's desktop and mobile apps. Besides saving messages as draft features, people can also check messages with right clicks or long presses on the field. They can also store these messages in a new file with the feature "Bookmarks".

In addition, this update makes it easier to send multiple photos or videos. Now you can send multiple media to friends and family without interrupting your conversations, as Skype will automatically organize them into an album. The updated version also allows you to preview photos and videos before sending to others.

Another prominent feature of Skype is the split interface for the desktop version. This helps you view contacts and conversations in different windows separately, and helps you avoid inconvenience when texting multiple people at the same time.

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These upgrades are expected to helps users boost productivity when using Skype and enrich their experiences.

Now messaging apps are not just about messages, they have incorporated more features like videos, voice calls and texts. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the company introduces new capacities to not be left out of the race with similar apps. According to the company, these new features are now available for all devices running on any version of Windows, Mac or Linux. As of now, it will be easier for you to keep in touch with your friends on Skype.


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