How To View Messages When Your Phone Screen Is Broken

Dhir Acharya - Feb 14, 2021

How To View Messages When Your Phone Screen Is Broken

It's frustrating when the phone screen is broken and blacked out. However, you can still use the phone through some methods we will introduce in this post.

Your phone can be broken at any time, you cannot predict or foresee unfortunate accidents that cause your phone to be soaked in water or bumped on the ground. What’s worse than these accidents is that the phone screen dies and you can no longer use it. With that in mind, in this post, we will show you how to view messages on a broken phone.

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Set up the phone

It’s important to set up your phone before anything happens. For iPhone users, you should synchronize your messages to iCloud, then when the phone screen is broken, you just need to use your other Apple devices where you are logged into iCloud. This way, you can continue to send and receive messages as you do on the iPhone.

Similarly, you should connect your iPhone to a Mac and set up your iPhone as a trusted device, then you will be able to access the device through Finder and back up the messages.

However, these methods are only applicable if you have multiple Apple devices as the company does not provide a web-based way of viewing messages.

Iphone Connected To Mac Compressed

For Android users, you have several options to access your messages through the cloud but you need a service that you have previously set up on your device. There are many apps for this but you can try Messages by Google that allows you to access messages through a website.

If you have enabled USB Debugging, you can use a PC app to view and control your Android phone. No matter which method you use, you always have to back up your data and messages so that you can restore them on a new device.

Rcs In Practice

Here’s a universal fix for a broken phone screen

The following method works for both iOS and Android phones though it’s a bit more expensive. Essentially, you need a combination of hubs, dongles, and cables.

  1. Connect the phone to an external screen through HDMI.
  2. Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the phone.

This way, you can connect the phone to a TV and still send/read messages.

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