How to Run a Turnkey Casino Business in 2022?

hoaict - Oct 07, 2022

How to Run a Turnkey Casino Business in 2022?

The iGaming industry will only get bigger and better as it keeps offering more value to its customers. Due to the level of competition, online casinos are bringing out juicy content and offers to outdo the competition. Some platforms have been around for a long time, and for a budding casino platform, the competition may be beyond overwhelming. But is it really? Well, it depends. The best move will be to buy online casino turnkey. This software is a professional tool that helps casino operators launch a fully functional website from scratch.


This software solution offers so much value and benefits, but that's not the focus of this content. Having or planning to have a profitable casino turnkey is one thing; running it is entirely another. A casino operator needs to know how to run a turnkey casino business in 2022. Let's get to it.

Guide to Running a Turnkey Casino Business

  • The company's budget: This entails a lot of factors to consider: staff salaries, company setup, operating expenses, software setup, licensing, and pre-launch marketing campaigns. When it comes to the software setup, the company has to consider the scope of functionality and configurations of the software they want. For the marketing campaigns, the company has to consider the target market and their specifics, the competition, and the selected channels for advertising (social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, display advertising, influencer marketing, etc.). The company also has to consider the costs of registering the casino as a legal entity, the cost of acquiring a license, and the type of software they're going for (white label or turnkey). This is before the product launch. Budgeting continues after the launch with new elements to consider. For instance, the costs of marketing campaigns will significantly heighten once the business is launched. Then there are taxes. How much the company pays as a tax depends on the type of license acquired and the global depository receipt. Finally, the cost of the software provider's services.
  • Choosing a market and license: In this context, the market refers to the selected territory the company chooses to operate in. This also plays a key role in the type of license you acquire. Different markets have varying regulations for casinos. In countries such as the UK or Germany, online casinos need to acquire a local gaming license to operate in their market. Countries such as Portugal or Greece require only local casino operators to attain a domestic license, while foreign casinos have the liberty to choose their licenses. Casinos should consider the kinds of gambling licenses per market, if the market permits the advertisement of online casinos, the eligibility criteria for licenses, and if there's a gambling monopoly in the market.
  • Registering the company: This involves registering the casino, opening a bank account, and cooperating with payment system providers in that market.
  • Choosing a software provider: Online casinos must have a top-notch software provider to run a turnkey casino business successfully. There are numerous turnkey solutions providers in the market. Choosing the best among them may be a hassle. For instance, some turnkey solutions providers may take as long as three months to provide the digital platform with all the required functionalities. That's way too long. However, choosing software providers such as nux game solves such issues because they provide a fully functional digital platform for the casino within 48 hours. Their software comes with more than 4,500 casino games and a friendly user interface. It also comes with a digital payment system that accepts transactions in up to 180 currencies. This also solves the problem of choosing a payment system provider. It's an all-in-one solution. Finally, it's equipped with a well-structured affiliate and agent network for promoting the casino and driving traffic to it.
  • Choosing the content to offer: The all-time favorite casino games include Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Bingo, Poker, Baccarat, etc. Despite their popularity, online casinos shouldn't limit their options to these games. Offering hundreds or even thousands of casino games is the best way to engage players and keep them playing. Live casino games shouldn't be left out as well. The thrill of playing with a real dealer can't be compared to the online version.
  • Marketing campaigns: New casinos should look at the standard affiliate program structure in the industry, channels used for advertising, and promotional materials. They can also add incentives such as signup bonus and loyalty programs to attract and retain players.


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