What is the Yo-Yo test in Indian Cricket?

Teethecutecat - Aug 03, 2023

What is the Yo-Yo test in Indian Cricket?

This comprehensive fitness assessment tool has fundamentally changed the selection procedure for the Indian cricket team, in the same way betting exchanges have reshaped fan interactions with the sport.

The Yo-Yo test has stormed onto the international cricket scene, transforming the dynamics of the sport. It's become such a pivotal benchmark for physical fitness that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) now swears by it to evaluate the fitness levels of Indian cricket players.

With this shift, cricket has evolved into a game that demands not just skills and strategies, but also physical stamina and endurance.


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This comprehensive fitness assessment tool has fundamentally changed the selection procedure for the Indian cricket team, in the same way betting exchanges have reshaped fan interactions with the sport.

What is the Yo-Yo Test?

The Yo-Yo test, created by Danish soccer expert Jens Bangsbo, is a better version of the 'beep' test. This test checks how long a person can keep doing physical activity without getting too tired. The test comprises running between two markers placed 20 meters apart, in time, with pre-recorded beeps. The frequency of these beeps increases incrementally, demanding an escalating pace from the athlete.

During the Yo-Yo test, players must pace themselves methodically, following the rhythm of the beeps. The test consists of multiple levels, each comprising several shuttles (runs between the markers).

Players get a 10-second recovery period between each shuttle, during which they must jog around a cone situated 5 meters away before returning to the start line. A player's test ends when they fail to reach the line twice in synchrony with the beeps.

The Yo-Yo test score is the total distance the player covers before they're exhausted. This score indicates the player's maximum aerobic capacity or VO2 max, a key determinant of their endurance levels.

Yo-Yo Test in Indian Cricket

In Indian cricket, the significance of physical fitness has seen a remarkable shift due to the Yo-Yo test. Earlier, the sport was mainly about skills, and the fitness part was not given as much attention. However, with the rise of T20 and One-Day Internationals (ODIs), there's an increasing demand for better agility, speed, and endurance.

To address this, the BCCI made the Yo-Yo test an essential fitness standard for the Indian cricket team in 2018. As per the present guidelines, a player needs a minimum score of 17.1 to make the national team.

Hence, the Yo-Yo test is now a vital part of cricket training. It measures the players' endurance and mental strength as they strive to keep up with the escalating pace of the test.

The Role of the Yo-Yo Test in Cricket

While there are differing views, the use of the Yo-Yo test in Indian cricket signifies a shift towards more emphasis on fitness in selecting and training players. The test measures a player's stamina and mental strength - qualities that are now key in today's high-pressure and physically challenging cricket games.

Here are some simpler key points to note:

  1. The Yo-Yo test is a tool that checks how fit a person is.
  2. Jens Bangsbo, a Danish soccer physiologist, created the Yo-Yo test
  3. Players in the Yo-Yo test run between two markers set 20 meters apart, keeping pace with recorded beeps that get faster over time
  4. The BCCI introduced the Yo-Yo test to Indian cricket around 2018 to ensure players are fit enough
  5. To play for the Indian national cricket team, players need to score at least 17.1 in the Yo-Yo test
  6. The Yo-Yo test may not be the best way to measure a player's cricket skills, which has caused some controversy
  7. Despite this, the test has made fitness a more important focus in Indian cricket, alongside the necessary skills for the sport

As the sport continues to evolve, so too will the methods used to ensure players are at the peak of their abilities, both physically and skillfully.

Criticism and Controversy

The introduction of the Yo-Yo test has provided a more scientific way of measuring fitness, but it has also caused disagreements. Some people argue that the test might not accurately reflect a cricketer's performance during a match because cricket requires short bursts of high-energy actions, not constant running.

There have also been cases where very skilled players were not included in the team because they did not pass the Yo-Yo test. This has led to discussions about whether skill or fitness is more important in cricket.



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